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Cooking Chinese Take-Out Food

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Cooking Chinese Take-Out Food: Introduction
The tools and small appliances you’ll want to have for Chinese take-out restaurant style cooking.
Cooking Chinese Take-Out: The Ingredients
The most important food items to have on hand, not ordinarily found in American cooking.
Chinese Take-Out: More Ingredients
Additional food items you have on hand, more easy to find on a quick trip to the store.
Chinese All-Purpose Meat Marinade
An important marinade to produce a “silky” or “satin” texture to meat, and tenderize it to “falling apart in your mouth” texture.
Chinese Take-Out: Rice
Details on rice and the best texture for fried rice dishes.
Using Oil for Deep Frying
How to deep fry foods, reclaim frying oil and use the oil more than one time.


Beef Fried Rice Crab Rangoon – Mini Eggroll Style
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