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Punchinello’s ChroniclesWhat started this whole harebrained thing!

Butterfly Wings

Bailout Money as of November 2008
Butterfly Wings
– Little things that are sure to grow into big trends.
America Disappointed: Thousands Survive!
Choosing to Spend Money
Compromise? On What Basis?
Disagreement to Hate Speech to Pornography
eBay and Market Regulation
Free Market Capitalism and Consensus Reality
Fundamentally Transforming America
How to be a Revolutionary!
Ideological Hatred is Arrested Development
Odd How Gas Prices are Going Down
Obsolete Solutions to a Shifting Paradigm
Palintology: The Spin Doctors
Pragmatic Politics: The End of an Era
Removing Intellectual Property Rights
– Examining the validity of musicians’ copyrights, free downloads, and whether this would end the incentives to create quality new music.
Skills Aren’t Worth Anything
Small Business: 50% Gross Domestic Product!
Socialism has Collapsed
That Great Sucking Sound – Phase 2
The Coming “Buy Local” Revolution
The Crash of 1893
The Forgotten Relative to Capitalism: Markets
The Global Economy and Micro Economics
Too Poor to Shop at Walmart
–  Quality actually does matter when it comes to survival
US Post Office – The Coming Crisis
What’s Productivity?
Where are you now, Lee Iacocca?

Foolish Rants

Christmas Pudding, Tea and Biscuits
Congress Compassionate in Detroit Bailout
–  Photo: Spanky’s Gang makes auto manufacturers crawl
Corporate Welfare?
Definition by Non-Essentials
–  Terrorists aren’t politically correct and should be told to stop!
Electing Obama Would Send a Message
Fair Share
Going Ga-Ga for Green!
How Come Prices Keep Going up with Continual Inflation?
It’s for the Children!
Keep ‘em and Eat ‘em!
–  Fishing and catch-and-release nonsense
McCain Pulls Out of Michigan
The Myth of America’s Diminishing Influence
Obama & Change
Online Shopping -vs- Big Stores
Presidential Debates: Pointless?
Why do Liberals Hate Santa Clause?
Rebuttal: Santa is Really a Conservative
The Root of our Economic Problems
Traditions Require Commitment and Effort
Voting for Change and Self Destruction

Just Thinking

America, the Economy & the Titanic Metaphor
Capitalism, Possession, and Profiteering
A Czar or a Secretary
Fear, Joy or Satisfaction?
Going Purple in Politics
If You’re Not Rich, You Must Be An Idiot!
Jumping off a Bridge
Keep Doing What You’re Doing
No More Gas Problems
The New Clinton Ventriloquism Act
On Hysterical Liberals
Palin: We Have Experts for That!
Parrot Philosophers Patience
Peace & Prosperity of the Clinton Years
“The Secret” – Wanting Something
Scientists Prove Stock Market is a Living Entity

Surely a Jest?

Some things are just so stupid it’s amazing that they’re happening.

ACORN and Voter Registration Fraud
American Consumers are Over their Limit
Be the First on your Block to Own a State!
Closing in on the Dopes
Daley says They’ve Made Enough Money!
Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-BAILOUT
GOP Warns Against One-Party Control of Government
Government Must Fix Everything Immediately!
Illinois is Candidate #7
Is Cancer Annoying…or Terrifying?
It’s a Frickin’ War, fer Cryin’ Out Loud!
Paula Poundstone’s Cats
Sarah Palin: What’s the Joke?

Scariest Halloween Costumes
Smoke & Mirrors — The Modern US Economy
Suddenly Everyone Hates Sarah?
The Health Insurance Game
The Peter Principle of Democracy
The PowerPoint Economic Solution
– You too can do what the government does to make money!
Trade Deficits: Apparently We can’t Win
Walmart Trampling Death and Capitalism

Survival 101

Introduction to Illinois Politics
Manufacturing Poverty

The Great Adventure!

2008 Election: Reality vs. Fantasy
The development of conservatism in the face of national liberalism.
An Authentic Conservative Curmudgeon License
Cookie Emergency: Calls for Immediate Bailout!
Court Upholds Happiness Decision
Democrats Upset with Do-Nothing Obama
The End of the Nose-Holding Era
Republicans -vs- Conservatives
The Phony Moral High Road
The Psychic and the Prediction
Punchinello’s Chronicles
Reconciling the Spiritual with Rationalism
Sarah Palin & Harry Truman
Taking Risks!
When to Hold ‘em, When to Fold ‘em


Food & Recipes
Better Baking with a Digital Scale
Egg-Drop Soup on a Chilly Day
Perfect Sunday Dinner Roast Potatoes
The Secrets of Great Chicken-Noodle Soup
Tweaking Cream of Mushroom Soup
Cooking for 1
Cooking for One
–  Ideas for singles and couples: How to eat well and inexpensively on a small budget

View from the Bottom

Another Wrong Definition of Greed
Building Special Interest Groups
Bush says ‘Return to the Past’
The Billionaire Pirates
Christmas On, Christmas Off!
Congressional and State Elections Tell the Story
Do You Have a Real Job?
The Fairness Doctrine
Finally! Tax the Rich!
Hurricane Ike Aftermath Contradictions
Hurricanes: Ike vs. Katrina
Issues? What issues!?
It’s All the President’s Fault!
Jeremey and the $700-Billion Bailout Plan
Let’s Bail Out Everybody!
Liberalism & Greed
Living with Expectations
Love 21st Century Style
The Middle Class
Misleading Reports on Declining Consumer Spending
Mr. Obama Meets the Family
Love and euphoria create a blindness to underlying realities in people.
Outsourcing and Competition
Own Stock in eBay?
Only Some Women Should be Equal
The Palin Phenomenon: Construction or Reaction?
Palin not Happy with McCain Campaign Staff? Good!
Piracy and a False Moral Dilemma
The Plight of the Ordinary Democratic Voter
Poor People are Idiots!
The Poverty Life
Punchinello Goes to Washington!
So You Think You Own Your Money?
–  The coming takeover of your pension and bank accounts
Stocks Rise on News of Bailout Plan
Stupidity and Inconsideration
Teaching Children Uncertainty
Trickle-Down Economics
Undecided is not a Virtue
We Don’t Support Either the Mission or the Groups
What Answers do the Talk-Show Hosts Have?
What can One Person Do?
What Creates Redistributable Wealth?
What do we get for $1-Trillion?
Who Really Owns Honda?
Who’s Behind Obama?
WorldNetDaily – Conservatism too Passive

Wacky News

Don’t Drink and Drive!
Sarah Palin Effigy Hanging not a Hate Crime

Word of the Day

Arrogate – Verb
Capitalism -vs- Market Cycles
Markets have up and down cycles, not capitalism itself.
Conservatives are Not Always Republicans
Do You Still Beat Your Wife?
Everyone Has a Right to Their Own Opinion
Fairness & The Fairness Doctrine
Greed, Altruism & Charity
Liquidity and Solvency
The Meaning of Republican
Risky or Bold?
Some Facts about Theories
Statesmanship -vs- Politics
What’s your Philosophy?
Why is there No Middle Ground?


Dealing with Fear
Humor, Ignorance & the Coming Reality Crisis
Seeing Shades of Gray
Understanding Passion
The Anatomy of Liberalism:
Fear: The Basis for Liberalism
Expert Credentials: The Liberal Argument
The Mommy-Daddy State

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