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February 19, 2010

Let the President Do His Job

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I’ve been hearing a number of callers to the radio talk shows saying that all this criticism of Mr. Obama isn’t helping anything. It’s not all that many callers, but enough to be noticed. The main point they’re trying to make is that the show hosts are constantly disagreeing or criticizing, constantly finding fault, and constantly calling into question everything and anything the administration is trying to accomplish.

Generally speaking, liberalism is a result of political (and intellectual) apathy. That’s not true for liberal-progressive ideologues, they spend a lot of time thinking and pulling together information and facts. But in general, people who aren’t all that politically involved and who follow the liberal or Democrat party line don’t think much. They’re not that articulate, which is why these callers can’t put into words what they mean. They just “know” that “everyone” is constantly bashing the president. And it’s not good.

At first I thought these were program callers, or as Limbaugh calls them, seminar callers. These are people who specialize in calling radio shows to put across the talking points of the liberal agenda. The more I listen to these callers, though, the more I think they’re not particularly involved. So then I got to thinking that they’re just tired of all the “bickering” and argument they hear. But then why listen to the shows at all?

I think the problem is much worse, at a vastly deeper level. In fact, I believe what I’m hearing is a systemic psychological problem. I believe these callers look at politicians, the president in particular as being wise leaders, something like parental figures. The callers don’t think about what’s going on in politics, they feel what’s going on in their lives and in Washington.

Think about it: It’s as if this type of caller goes out once a year and casts a vote for whomever they like the most. It’s not that they like the person because of the values and agenda under examination, it’s that they feel like the person is a nice guy or nice lady. They don’t vote for people they don’t like, again because they just feel as if that person isn’t nice.

Consider also that there are only two basic reasons for the reactions to Sarah Palin. One, with actual thought behind it is a strategic analysis as to whether Ms. Palin could be elected. But the more prevalent reaction is that “Sarah Palin sucks!” There’s no substantive argument, no topical points of disagreement, no factual basis and no back-up to the argument.

Taken together with the utter oblivion most people are under in terms of the current economy, it points me toward this idea that people think of Washington as our parents. We’ve had recurring examples during so-called town-hall meeting, public forums and general debates. Questions about how the president will “take care of” his or her people, his or her children and so forth, all affirm this feeling of parental authority.

Then we can look at the historic times, viewing what many would call The Age of Narcissism. The overall psychological status in society is either arrested development at about pubescent adolescence (around 14 years old), or some sort of simplistic infantile stage like a two-year-old. Many people live their lives wanting what they want, right this instant, just like a toddler. That, or they want to be “free, dude,” to do whatever they want, whenever they want without any personal responsibility; like a teenager living at home.

Suddenly, everywhere these people look their “parents” are under attack. They don’t know why, but they hear over and over on the TV and radio that those Republicans are stopping everything! There are filibusters, hearings, protests, arguments, and all those Republicans do is say “no!” No to everything!

And so the callers tell us that constantly criticizing “our parents” isn’t helping when “they’re” in the middle of a crisis. There’s not enough money, the “family” is in trouble and we “all need to work together.” On what? None of these callers has the slightest idea.

I heard a great example of what Washington Democrats would like to call compromise. Let’s say that the Democrats want to raise taxes by 20% and the Republicans want to reduce taxes by 10%. According to the Democrats, liberal journalists and bloggers, and according to mindless drones, a correct “compromise” would then be to split the difference: raise taxes by 10%.

No, that’s not the way things work! If we come to a junction in the road and I want to go right, while my companion wants to go left, do we just stop? Do we go straight ahead, off the road entirely? Do we go backward? Or do we maybe go a few feet to the right, then a few feet back to the right? Is that how compromise works? Only someone without a definition of the word would say yes.

Senator Evan Bayh says he won’t seek re-election because “the system is broken.” He feels (operative word) that since the Democrats can’t get anything at all accomplished, the entire political structure of the United States is broken. He says there’s just too much arguing, too much protest, too many obstacles and disagreements. Therefore, the system must be broken.

No, it’s not. The system was put together precisely so that no single majority could steamroll the entire citizenry! When or if the American people do NOT want what that majority would like to enact into law, then there IS a process in place to prevent that unilateral agenda. The system is NOT broken, it’s working exactly as the forefathers intended.

The problem is that the politically apathetic callers under discussion don’t understand “the system.” They’ve likely never read the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. They don’t understand the opposing ideologies. They have no specific concepts of what exactly has caused the economic meltdown. All they know is that “mommy and daddy” are doing their best, trying to “work things out.”

It’s unbelievable, and it’s one of the major reasons why we’re just extending all the catastrophic economic policies and pretending that we’ll somehow muddle through “all this.” No, we won’t. Not when so many people feel that whatever’s going on in Washington is “big people, grownup stuff,” and “we” here at home should just shut up, do our chores, and try to help.

I’ve known alcoholics in dysfunctional families who treat their children the same way. “Mommy has a headache,” so don’t make waves, don’t make noise, don’t be loud, don’t interfere, don’t cause trouble. “Daddy doesn’t feel well right now,” so be nice, play quietly, do your chores and stay out of everyone’s way. That’s the solution to fixing whatever’s wrong in that kind of family.

Just change the concept from drunk to addicted to spending money, and you have most of today’s politicians. The problem is that such addicts need “enablers,” people who sit back and do nothing to solve the real and underlying problem. In a family, children can be excused for not knowing enough or not being old enough. But in a voting electorate there’s no excuse whatsoever!

The fact of the matter is that no amount of cap-and-trade law is acceptable: zero, zilch, nothing, nada! No such law, regardless of whatever so-called compromise is included is acceptable. There cannot be any compromise whatsoever, only the utter and total destruction of the entire concept of carbon credits and EPA control over our lives. Period, end of story.

Does that make me a naysayer, subversive, hard-hearted and stubborn ideologue? If so, then that’s the way it is. But a far more useful discussion would be to examine cap-and-trade on a point-by-point basis. Make the arguments in favor, explain why they would work, and persuade me that my analysis is wrong or erroneous. That’ll never happen because there aren’t any facts. There’s only feelings. And those feelings are created by hearing the same feel-good blather, day in and day out, over and over again on the television.

Call it cap-and-trade, climate change, healthcare reform, energy policies, green cars, banking regulation, or whatever other screwball Utopian agenda the liberals have on the table, the American public does not want it. The American public does not agree. So if you’re one of those people who just wants everyone to get along and play nice, do me a favor. Don’t call!


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