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February 14, 2010

Job Loss Not a ‘Drag’ on Economy

I’m just so fed up with econo-speak! That’s the new jargon, and it’s designed to either totally confuse people or to make everyone think life is wonderful. The major problem is that using secret language can lead to badly mistaken assumptions. The words we use are a reflection of reality. Words don’t cause reality, despite what modern linguistics would have us believe. So by using the wrong words, we end up ignoring, denying, and misunderstanding what’s going on.

More and more, we’re hearing about how the continuing loss of jobs is a problem. The problem is that it will “be a drag on the economy.” Really!? That goes along with the so-called jobless recovery, which is one of the most idiotic expressions anyone’s tried to pull off in the last several centuries! What the hell are jobs if they aren’t productive work? And what the hell is an economy if it isn’t the trade and interaction of productive work?

We’re presumably supposed to believe that an “economy” is some entirely separate “thing,” or something. It goes along, magically brings money to the neighborhood and somehow makes life wonderful. Or something. This magical economy grows and shrinks for no apparent reason, doing whatever “it” wants. Somehow, jobs are an offshoot…a consequence of this economy gadget, or something.

Isn’t that just wonderful, how those clever economists and news journalists clearly explain everything! Just remember: “Somehow” always means “somebody else!”

Words like “somehow” and “unexpectedly” tell us that we’re just too damn stupid to understand! We’re not “wise enough” to grasp the complex and difficult principles that make up an economy. In fact, economists are like IT people and the priests of olden times; they want to use magic words and magic language so people won’t see the man behind the curtain. (That’s a Wizard of Oz metaphor, just so you know.)

Jobs are a consequence of an economy! Jobs do not create an economy! Jobs do no move an economy forward. Jobs do not make an economy go faster, grow bigger or any other damn-fool, dumb-ass expression of creation!

To say that the loss of jobs is a drag on the economy is just stupid. The implication is that those pesky jobs are out there, they’re just hiding…or something. If we could only hunt down those sneaky jobs and catch them, we’d all be in better shape. Nobody creates jobs. Nobody invents jobs. Nobody works in a job. Nobody does nuthin’, apparently. Jobs just “somehow” show up, somewhere.

What utter nonsense! And this from Harvard MBAs making six-figure salaries! This from people who damn well ought to know better! In fact, they DO know better! They know that people create jobs, and those people ultimately control the economy! People who create jobs control the economy because without those jobs there wouldn’t be an economy!

He who controls the money, has the power. Hmm…are we getting a glimmer here? Would it perhaps benefit “someone” if there was no money, if there were no jobs and all the money came from a single source? I wonder.

Why is that? Why do people who create jobs control the economy? Is it the jobs? Of course not! A “job” simply means that someone needs someone else to perform work in exchange for payment. WHY would someone want someone else to perform work?

Without the work, there’s absolutely no need for anyone to have a job. Work means effort, labor, toil, and human energy. Yes, engineers and scientists use the word “work” to mean the impact of energy on something, but in life we use the word to mean doing something! Productive work means just that: producing something as a result of expending energy!

Let’s say that the lack of homework is a drag on the improvement of school grades. How about that, hmm? Kids go to school and they perform work. Then they take more work home with them, causing home-work. So they have a home-based job, right? They have to perform that job and their payment is good or bad grades. We obviously want our schools to give out a lot of good grades, right?

The expenditure of grades is a school’s economy. After all, without grades why have a school? In fact, why not just give out all A’s, and forget about all that work? It takes too much time, causes all sorts of self-esteem issues, and injures young minds unaccustomed to pressure. If we just give everyone an “A” then we would have a roaring economy! And we could totally ignore silly things like “work.”

The reason we have job loss statistics is to tell us the condition of the economy. That’s it; pure and simple. But even there, we’re not really seeing The Economy itself. All we’re seeing is a secondary effect of the economy. It’s like noticing that it’s raining, which tells us that there are clouds above us somewhere. “The lack of rain will be a continuing drag on the clouds!” Wouldn’t THAT make a great headline!

Here’s another great headline for those morons in business school: Lack of health will be a continuing drag on wellness.

Don’t you agree? Isn’t this just stupid? If you do agree, then go get a shotgun and a net and start hunting for some of those sneaky jobs. Start drilling for jobs, or something. They’ve got to be out there in the forests and lakes, hiding behind rocks, right? Oh, if ONLY we could find those sneaky jobs, wouldn’t that be something!

America is losing jobs every day, every month. It’s because nobody has enough work that they want to hire someone else. WHY do we not have enough work? Is it because we just don’t feel like having work? Or is it because the fools in government are listening to the bigger fools in the field of economics! And acting on the utterly moronic “advice” they’re being given!

You want a job? Then think about what work needs to be done. Then think about the people who invent something, design something, create something or otherwise make something out of thin air! Think about the small business owners, the large business owners, the manufacturing people and the service people. Think about people like doctors whose work it is to try and fix disease and injuries. They need help, so they pay money to other people for that help.

Jobs don’t just “show up,” somehow. People like you and I, create those jobs! We don’t create jobs by just saying so! Need the dishes washed? You can throw them away and buy new ones each day, or you can wash them. Or you can hire someone for the job of washing dishes! If you have extra money to pay them.

Unless someone needs help performing actual work, there aren’t going to be jobs. And without actual work, there is no economy! The politicians and economists can babble on about “creating jobs,” but no economist has ever created anything! No politician has ever created anything! No government has ever created anything!

Individual people create things. Individuals working together create things. When someone has an idea that will require more work than one person can perform, that “someone” then goes out and hires someone else — another individual. And that’s a job! When we total up all those jobs, all those ideas, all that creation and all that production, then we have an economy. Until then, there’s no such thing as an “economy.”

The Economy is a final result. It does not create jobs! The ongoing loss of jobs is NOT a “drag” on the economy! It’s an in-your-face measure of the lack of an economy! There never will be a time when The Economy somehow and magically fixes itself!

Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Obama can throw paper money around until Doomsday, but that won’t create an economy. Only one thing will do that, and it’s a growing customer market. That will create a demand for things, which will create the necessity to produce those things. And that will create the need for people to do work.

Give people money for free and remove all products, goods and services from the world. Then what? But, on the other hand, create an abundance of products, goods and services and people will invent money! We do not need Mr. Bernanke! Nor do we need Mr. Obama! They serve at the discretion of the citizenry! They do NOT create an economy! WE create the economy, and it’s only the laws, regulations, fees, licenses and taxes that are preventing us from doing our…job!


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