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December 14, 2009

What’s Wrong with Sarah Palin’s Book

There’s nothing wrong with Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rogue!” Not one thing! I’ve just finished reading it, cover to cover, unlike (apparently) most of the people trying to marginalize the whole thing. It’s a straightforward chronicle of Governor Palin’s career in politics, from Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, through her governorship of the entire state. She includes her childhood and growing up period, then talks about everything that happened during the McCain-Palin 2008 presidential campaign. Not only that, but it’s actually fun to read. Not like many of today’s instant biographies!

I read the book from a perspective as a conservative, an avid reader, and a writer. I wasn’t looking for things to latch onto for the purpose of attacking the author. I also assumed that the book is factual. After all, the Associated Press contracted with 11 fact-checkers, right? Not copy-editors, spell-checkers, proofreaders or reporters…11 (count ’em) professional research analysts! Of course we know what people way about assumptions, but I think we can safely propose that the book had no factual errors.

As such, I’m astonished at the smear campaign taking place! Have you noticed that starting mostly with Ronald Regan, then Gerald Ford and Dan Quayle, there’s a new “system” in town? When frivolous charges of ethical wrongdoing aren’t enough, you go after the target personally. You attack them as being “stupid.” George Bush Jr. is routinely considered to be one of the stupidest people on the planet, all because the majority of the mainstream press, Hollywood celebrities and television funny people have said so.

People are now continuing the process with Gov. Palin. She’s “stupid,” but we never hear why. We hear nothing at all about her schooling, her grades, her failures, her foibles, and nothing at all about language problems. In fact, we hear nothing whatsoever having to do with her views, her ideas, her concepts, her actions or anything real. All we hear is a blanket generality that she’s “stupid.” Then we’re supposed to go along with the funny men and funny women.

This is an excellent book, particularly from a historical perspective. Gov. Palin is one classy lady, preferring to let the presentation speak for itself, letting the reader draw their own conclusions. That’s probably why so many people either haven’t read the book, or prefer to conclude that they’re right about Palin for no reason at all. She never attacks people she encountered, instead simply laying out what happened.

In the course of events, we’re given the basic background of a time and event. We’re then given Ms. Palin’s intent, her thinking, and her proposed outcome. Then we follow the event from her own perspective, learning what went right and what went wrong. If Palin made a mistake, we’re told about it. If others put the kibosh on the event, we’re told that as well.

A few things I take away from the book include the sad fact that as of today, there no longer is any news reporting of any credibility, anywhere in America. There are blogs, Web sites, stories, and talk shows, but none of them anymore can be said to be a “credible source.” What happened with the combination of the McCain campaign leadership and the press is a downright crime, not to mention a shameful disgrace!

All any of us can do is read what we read, watch what we watch, and try to use logic and contextual analysis to determine a probability of truth. Truth is a statement that accurately correlates with objective reality. Facts are observations of objective reality. Since both truth and facts are filtered through human perception, it’s incumbent upon each of us to pay close attention to our own filters. Who does that nowadays? Not all that many folks.

I would say that we’ve returned to the days of a jingo press, but only because jingoism includes an element of vigilantism. I’m fortunate to be old enough to remember clearly most of what happened (as reported) during the 2008 campaign, and I’m astounded at the underlying facts! NOTHING we saw on television, read about in English, or heard about on the airwaves is true to the events. Nothing at all! Isn’t that astonishing?

From the start of Palin’s entry as the vice presidential candidate and McCain’s running mate, she was “handled” by professional campaign management. Other than the main acceptance speech and perhaps one or two “accidental” opportunities to hear what she had to say, she was basically removed entirely from the scene. I say “she,” meaning that a scripted play-acting puppet was put together and the campaign’s “headquarters” (unknown and un-named) tried to sell that as Sarah Palin. None of it is true to life.

I also was very surprised to learn the extent of Ms. Palin’s actual experience, both as an executive and as a typical, middle-class and patriotic American. NONE of that was allowed, all of it shut down by “headquarters.” So who is this “headquarters” that we never hear about?

Oddly enough, we’re lately hearing that John McCain, who Palin always speaks of with strong respect and a great deal of friendship, is claiming a larger part in running his own campaign. Like many conservatives, prior to, and up to the point he introduced Gov. Palin, I’d pretty much decided not to vote for the first time in a very long time. I’d held my nose and voted for decreasingly useful GOP candidates, but McCain was useless.

When I heard Ms. Palin speak, accepting the nomination to be McCain’s running made, I changed my mind. I decided that if John McCain was cool enough to hire someone like Palin, then somehow, somewhere, buried deeply inside his bizarre mediocrity, there MUST be some actual integrity! There must be some sort of real desire to change! Not Mr. Obama’s rhetoric of change, REAL change!

Sadly, despite Gov. Palin’s powerful advocacy, we found out during the campaign that no, Sen. McCain has no apparent desire at all to return America to a working nation. Indeed, whether directly through his “orders” or whether he too was a completely “handled” buffoon, there never again was any reference to the kind of straight-talking integrity that we saw during the convention.

I do consider John McCain to be a war hero, and I accept that he’s had a tremendous life and is a great influence on the political scene. I saw a few examples of the man behind the image, and I think he’s a likable, smart and powerful human being. That being true, I have no idea at all why he’s allowed himself to be presented as a wish-washy wimp! It’s apparently not his actual self, but so what? We have to deal with the politician! It’s up to him to make that politician into a statesman. It’s not up to us to “interpret what he really meant to say or do!”

Reading the book, we discover that halfway through the acceptance speech, Palin’s teleprompter failed. When she made the joke about the difference between a hockey-mom and a pit-bull being lipstick, it was entirely off-the-cuff. Unlike Mr. Obama, she really has no need for a teleprompter, knowing what she wants to say and…saying it.

All in all, I’m fascinated by the train wreck that’s become our news reporting sewage dump. It takes time and research, learning whole fields of knowledge along the way to even find references to real stories. It’s getting very hard to even find original data anymore, and it’s just pathetic to watch the American public buy into the nasty and fabricated blather being given out across the board.

Saturday Night Live has a trailer that blends Sarah Palin clips with scenes from the “2012” disaster movie. The premise is that we wake up one morning in the year 2012 to discover that Sarah Palin has been elected President of the United States. And the world comes to an explosive end. People believe that sort of stuff! They really do!

Ask anyone who’s opposed to Sarah Palin why they’re so deeply opposed. The only answers are that she’s “stupid.” Some say that she has “no experience.” Beyond that, there’s no substance or ideas whatsoever. None! And yet, those folks also have the right to cast a vote.

It looks to me as if we’ve now gotten what the American public has asked for. We have a radicalized congress, judicial branch, and executive branch. Local and state governments are also leaning to the far left, and we’re seeing the results. In fact, we’ve not really even begun to see the results! The so-called real-estate bubble that’s burst hasn’t even burst yet. Less than half the private, and almost all the commercial real estate problem hasn’t even hit the system.

We’re seeing what happens when a nation believes that the government has a “private stash” of money, unrelated to taxes, goods and services, or unrelated to anything whatsoever. From that stash, somehow we’ll all be given lots of money, lots of benefits, and free lunches across the board. I guess we’ll have to see the results of that sort of delusion before anyone at all will consider an alternative.

Sarah Palin is a classic 1950s style American mom, who grew up and spent much of her early life being broke. Added to that, she has a 21st century outlook on technology, energy, finance, economics, geopolitics, and national direction. As the old TV commercial used to say, she got her money the old-fashioned way: she earned it.

She calls herself a Common Sense Conservative, which in today’s world has been relegated to nothingness. That’s okay, though. In a short while America will discover the consequences of totally ignoring common sense. If we’re still standing, then at that point we’ll desperately need real leadership.

Politics-as-usual has now thoroughly taken control of both major parties. Although we could build a third party, I’m coming more to the position that it’s better to simply take control of the Republican party, throw out those without any real values, and replace them with actual thinking people.

A government isn’t allowed to have “an agenda!” Government isn’t supposed to “manage” things from the top down! All that a government is authorized to do, here in America, is to oversee the basic principles of currency, contracts (legal system), and the national defense. That’s it! That form of government no longer exists. Perhaps when we’re ready for it again, people will take another look at Sarah Palin, common sense, and things like values and integrity. Until then, we’ve got the best government money can buy.

In the meantime, my favorite line in the book is that Sarah Palin “[tells] people that there’s plenty of room for all of Alaska’s wildlife…right next to the mashed potatoes!” Hah! And she’s no way interested in that stupid “catch-and-release” crap involving fishing!


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