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November 4, 2009

09 Elections Offer Little News of Value

Pundits and political analysts are going on today about the results of the 2009 “first year” elections, particularly for governor in New Jersey and Virginia. Traditional thinking suggests that the results of these two elections are a referendum, or at least a report card on the president’s first year in office. Some say they foreshadow the next mid-term elections, but the numbers rarely support the idea.

The deeper story, though, is that Tuesday’s election results tell us nothing at all about anything new. That’s if you’re watching the history of America unfold from a philosophic level, rather than simply the political distractions of the day.

We’ve known for a long time that the nation is splitting in half over fundamental ideological differences. It happens that we also have two political parties. The easy conclusion is that the two political parties are causing the ideological split, what with there being two sides in both arenas. In truth, the political parties no longer mean anything at all, it’s the ideologies that are now coming into the spotlight.

For nearly 60 years, philosophers and academics have been trying to remove the meaning of words. The deconstructionist movement has been trying to tell us that nothing means anything, words mean whatever anyone feels they mean, and words have power. They tell us that simply uttering a word “creates” reality, as opposed to describing reality. So too, “republican” or “democrat” presumably cause people to think a particular way. The elections show us that the party names really mean nothing.

Why would we have a category for “independent?” It’s because each and every one of us FIRST develops a view of life, reality, knowledge, truth, falsehood, and so forth. We all of us develop a world-view based on experience, thought, philosophy, history, and everything that we think about and feel. AFTER we’ve built up that construction of existence, we then either get involved in politics or not.

The election results highlight that it’s this individual world-view and philosophy that now matters most to everyone. The division between conservative and liberal (progressive) thinking remains almost exactly what it’s been since the 1990s. What’s changed is that voters are now going to the polls identifying themselves by ideology, not by political party.

Conservatives have been abandoned by the Republican Party in Name Only. There’s no real philosophic or ideological foundation anymore in the GOP. That was okay in the past couple of elections, what with the GOP mostly staying out of the way. Now, with the Republican national leadership having actively promoted liberal ideology in NY 23, they’re not staying out of the way.

The result is that conservatives are released from any political party affiliation; are calling themselves Independents; and there may be a third party thrown into the mix by 2012. That would be a serious problem, and it would be much smarter for conservatives to simply take control entirely of the GOP, throwing out the traditional politicians.

Be that as it may, the only thing that happened with this election was that ideology came to the forefront. We already knew that the nation is almost exactly 50-50 split between conservative and liberal thinking. We’ve known that since the days of Bill Clinton. It’s only the talking heads, pundits and media columnists who still depend on obsolete labels.

America has had half a century of wealth, international power, growth, development, and comfortable living. Nobody has challenged the shining example of individual freedom, capitalism, and creative ingenuity. While we, the people, have been enjoying all that, the politicians have been feeding at the trough of trillions of dollars in consequential tax money.

Bankers have moved in and sucked money out of our pockets, using laws passed (or blocked) by politicians to make gargantuan fortunes. In the process, they’ve wiped out the dollar, crashed the economy, destroyed the future lifestyles of 95% of the population, wrecked the middle class, and brought the world to a standstill.

People have been gradually learning about all this, improving their education since the 1990s. The Internet has given us all the chance to get lots of new information, uncover facts and truths on our own, and we’ve been freed from the monopoly on “news” previously held by the so-called Fourth Estate (aka: mainstream media outlets). That education has led to a return to fundamentals.

What was America based upon when it was created? How did the Founding Fathers attempt to guarantee their vision for the future? In other words, what is America’s mission statement? Those are the questions more and more people are starting to ask. The answers highlight the stunning disregard for the nation our bankers and politicians have gotten away with.

I suppose we could have a name-change campaign, sort of like when AT&T becomes SBC, then goes back to AT&T. Sort of like Midas Muffler changing to the 200,000 Mile Store, or something. We could change Republican to Conservative, or Democrat to Liberal, but who cares? A name is only a name. It’s the meaning behind the name that matters.

The meaning behind the word Republican has vanished. It’s only been the conservatives voting the GOP ticket that has lent any real meaning at all to the party. As such, the GOP is an empty shell, prime for a takeover. It might be a hostile takeover or it could be a friendly takeover. That’s up to the current executive management of the party.

If the GOP leadership chooses to follow the typical Wall Street pattern, they’ll continue to do exactly what they’ve been doing for years: Nothing. They created the problem, and all their goofy solutions are just more of the same. But our vote is like a share of stock in a company. We own as much stock in the GOP as we choose to own, simply by going out and exercising our ballot rights.

When you register to vote, you take ownership of 1 share of stock in America. If you don’t register, you’re just a potential customer for someone selling something. If you register but don’t learn anything about politics, you’re sort of giving someone (lobbyists and marketing companies) your “proxy” so they can tell you how to vote. It all comes down to how many shareholders in America want to exercise their right to control how the country is managed.

All that we learned on Wednesday morning is that the shareholders are pretty clear on their thinking. There are two basic groups, and “management” is clueless. The obvious solution is to get rid of management! At least insofar as the GOP is concerned. After that’s been accomplished comes the larger battle: getting rid of liberalism!


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