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October 30, 2009

Capitalism vs The New World Order

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Globalism, tyranny, cap-and-trade, carbon tax, credit-default swaps, CFR, trilateral commission, all these are terms that refer to a historical super plot to take over the world. Like a James Bond or Clive Cussler master villain, we’ve heard about so-called conspiracy theories and a cabal of super-elite controllers. This cabal is taking over the world, robbing trillions of dollars, taking property and holding countless people in the poverty of slavery.

Alright, let’s accept all this. The evidence is overwhelming, the information is in plain view. We’ve watched Wall Street financial institutions plunder the US Treasury, European treasuries, and taken money from everywhere. We see the Group of 20 (G20) pushing toward a one-world currency, international police, and an international control system based on the myth of carbon emissions. Fine. It’s happening, we’re seeing it, and only a minority of people are speaking out about it all.

The United States is the last stronghold of individual freedoms because of the founding basis of capitalism. So what happens when these super villains win? How do they win? What do they win? What’s the scoring system by which a secret cabal of trillionaire bankers takes control of the world? What do we mean by a planet of feudal serfs, enslaved by elite masters?

It all comes down to the most basic of all things: possession and ownership of property.

Let’s assume people are alive and have processing minds. Those people live in a world. That world is composed of resources. Resources include everything. Some resources are necessary for basic life, like air and water. Other resources are necessary for the survival of people, like food, clothing and shelter. Still other resources come into play when we speak about comfort and development.

Life in a social context revolves around the possession of resources. If you “have” water and air, then you live. If you do not have water and air, you die. It’s as simple as that. But possession isn’t the same thing as ownership.

Think about a gold watch you’re wearing. You possess that watch, and you also own the watch. One night, a burglar breaks into your house and takes possession of your watch. At the moment the burglar holds the watch, he or she has possession of the resource. How long will they have possession? You may think you own the watch, but unless you also possess that watch, do you really “have” it?

One option you have is physical violence. You can fight the burglar. If you win, you re-take possession of the watch. If you lose, you also lose the watch.

Possession is step one of handling resources. Control is step two. When you fight the burglar, you either win or lose. If you win, you “dominate” the situation and the burglar. You take control of the watch (the possession), and you control the environment so that you continue to hold possession of that watch.

Control requires total domination over the circumstances of reality. That control comes through violence, power, strength, location, and other such natural principles. All you have to do is think about military actions. There’s a bridge that’s a resource and the military seizes that bridge. Beyond that, before they can use the resource for a long term, they must also control the bridge and access to that bridge.

The issue of possession is short term. To use a resource over time requires control. And it’s control that leads to the foundation of economics and law.

Capitalism rests on a system of law. That system is an agreement by the majority of people in a given society. They agree to set aside violence and constant vigilance (looking out for new burglars), and instead to accept that a resource is under the control of someone or some group by a legal contract.

So let’s assume that “they” take over the world. Throughout all of history, countless nations and societies have risen up and controlled resources. Those nations have then fallen. In many instance, societies have been controlled by a smaller group of leaders. Tyrants, dictators, masters and slaves, aristocrats, lords and peasants are all examples where a small group of “rich” people have dominated and controlled the larger group of slaves.

Will that happen this time? No. In all previous cases, the existing societies came out of tribes. Warlords and their violence were sufficient to take control of the people of the society. The strong took from the weak. The weak made bargains of protection with the strong, somewhat like the Mafia and the protection rackets. But in all cases, there never was a precedent for owning anything at all.

Peasants, slaves, serfs, farmers all have come before us. They’ve never owned anything. In Africa today, millions of people live in starvation and poverty because they haven’t conceived to the idea that they can own anything. They’ve never owned anything, and if they have, it was for a short period of time. An exception to their long past history.

But in America, people have owned property for the history of the nation. That ownership has been guaranteed by the American system of laws. Never before, in all of history has any society been formed and developed around the process of legal ownership. All previous societies have lived under a control of property system, with special dispensation from a small authorizing group (kings, lords, masters, state party, tyrant, dictator, etc.).

Suppose the bankers take possession of the United States. Through derivatives, credit-default swaps, bailouts, and other financial crimes, “we” the people lose ownership on a legal basis. Suppose this tiny group of oligarchs buys everything. They bankrupt our industries then buy the remains. They wipe out our property values then buy up the property. Look at Detroit, Michigan!

What happens when a small minority tries to maintain ownership when there no longer is a system of legal ownership? ONLY capitalism provides that legal system! ONLY capitalism distinguishes ownership from possession! ONLY capitalism makes the difference between constant violence over possession, constant vigilance over control and the orderly management of resources through ownership!

Those bankers have now taken ownership of 90,000 houses and property lots in Detroit. With nobody living there, the properties are falling apart. They’re naturally reverting to wilderness. Rats, cockroaches, snakes, weeds, and rot are setting in. There now is a clear and obvious difference between “resource” and “value.” The previously valuable houses are now worthless plots of empty land.


Ownership alone creates nothing! Value is all that matters. And what creates value, in an economic context? Something is only valuable when it can be used to create something. Water, in and of itself, is simply water. Only a human being assigns value to that water. Only its necessity makes the water valuable. If there are no human beings, the water reverts to a chemical substance. There is no “necessity” without a living human being.

Let’s assume this small oligarchy takes over the world. In the past, the only reason that group has anything of value is because an OUTSIDE factor has maintained the value. The Nazi party took over Germany. The communist party took over the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China. But the application of their now controlled resources had to have someone else in order to provide value.

What if nobody lives anywhere? What if nobody produces food? What if nobody invents anything, runs any machines, builds any products? What if nobody sews cloth, harvests corn, grinds wheat? What if nobody mines coal, maintains nuclear reactors, drills for oil?

Current conspiracy theorists tell us that The New World Government will force people to work for them! They’ll force people to be slaves, working farms and factories. The assumption is that “because it’s happened before, that’s how it will happen again.” The problem is that nobody, ever, in all of history has ever encountered a nation that NEVER has been slaves!

Imagine a Soviet-like takeover of the United States. You wake up one morning and the police arrive at your home. You’re told that you now will be required to house three other families. If you don’t agree, you’re taken outside and shot. So you agree. Do you really think that you and EVERY other family around the country, all 300-million of us will simply agree?

How would that army of controlling communists maintain their control over the entire population? Yes, modern perception management can create a cult of personality. Yes, today’s media can elect someone President, or put someone into congress. But that’s merely possession of an office. The next step must be control over the citizens that office represents!

The fatal flaw in this entire theory of a one-world government is that it always rests on America continuing to produce goods, services, food, weapons, technology, dollars, and people. Without America, who will create the private planes for the wealthy to fly? Who will build the private yachts? What does the word “private” even mean without a legal structure to enforce that privacy? Nobody, and nothing!

Understand that we ARE in the final stages of a multi-national corporate takeover of the planet. We ARE in a situation where international bankers have stolen all the money. But we’re in that final stage because there exists an entire body of law! There exists a concept of property, private ownership, and money. When ALL that spirals inward to a tiny fraction of humanity, it will absolutely and spectacularly fail!

The fall of America has no historical counterpart. We can approach a vague model with the fall of the Roman Empire, which led to the Dark Ages. But Rome was maintained by world slavery, and even then, not the entire world! Rome had no control over Asia, South America, Australia, and North America. Rome was only a small portion of the entire world economy!

These proposed oligarchs who believe they can first take control of the American economy, then take control of the world economy, make a true and absolute mistake. They require capitalism and law to claim ownership at the same time that they intend to destroy capitalism and law! When they accomplish their goal, they’ll be left with only one thing: possession.

One nation might succeed in enslaving it’s own population. Witness Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Latvia, or any empire built up in history. But no single organization can hope to enslave the entire population of Earth! Maybe some outside, alien civilization might enslave “the People of Earth,” but no on-planet group can succeed. Not with America having lived for 250 years as the embodiment of private ownership, individual liberties, and government by the people.

We almost assuredly will enter a period in the near future where such a One World Government will be created. Cap-and-trade, if such a treaty is signed in Copenhagen and actually put in place, will transfer American sovereignty to an outside governance. America will lose it’s nationhood, but then what? How long will that last? How long will the people of America sit on their thumbs waiting for orders as to what they’ll do every day?

No fantasy scenario even begins to hold water when it proposes that 300 million Americans will simply shrug their shoulders and hand over EVERYthing they own to a world organization. Where will the money come from to provide welfare checks, food stamps, and life-time health care to people who aren’t working? Where will food come from? Do you see every single farmer across the entire United States simply agreeing to plant food for nothing? That’s what was going on in the Soviet Union.

The USSR was able to control the entire worker population through force. A small organization used guns to force farmers to plant and workers to run machines. But the Russian people already were used to that control because they lived under a monarchy. The Tsar of Russia had absolute control over the population for the whole history of the nation! That’s not at all the same case in America.

Nobody, anywhere can “own” anything without there being a legal structure that says they own something. And no legal system can exist without the agreement of the majority. There can be criminals who break that law, but they must be a minority. When the majority breaks the law, then there is no such law! There is no such system! There is no such agreement! There only is violence, anarchy, chaos, and the “law” of the jungle.

So bring it on! Let’s see that One World Government! Let’s see that tyranny of the few over the entire population of the whole planet! Let’s see that group, however large try to force every single human being on the entire planet into slavery. There’s no possible chance of it happening for more than a very short time. It’ll be a mess, lots of people will probably get killed, but it can’t possibly work for any kind of extended period of time!

Pitchforks and torches make for great Hollywood movies. But what happens in a full-blown violent revolution across the entire United States? It isn’t peasants with pitchforks against armored knights with broadswords and lances! Look at what a small number of low-tech insurgents in Iraq are doing to our multi-million-dollar tanks! Then think about the SUVs, semi-automatic weapons, and guerrilla tactics available to the American people.

For a short while, as long as people continue to believe in the law of ownership, the “law” of the State will seem to be powerful enough to enslave the nation’s population. But as soon as all people in America learn that the State governs only with the consent of the people, that’ll be the end of this whole illusion. What happens when nobody “believes in” Washington anymore? That’ll be interesting!



  1. This reads like something out a science fiction novel, Orwell’s “1984.” Sometimes the truth can be scarier than fiction.

    I’m reading Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The Deliberate Dumbing down of America”. Iserbyt reports (you decide) the facts leading up to the current sorry state of the U.S. public educational system. Applying Pavlovian dog training techniques to children has been a dismal failure on the one hand and a total success on the other, depending on which side of the money you’re on. Are scores soaring or diving? Are we encouraging development of creativity and independent critical thinking or conducting high level vocational training of the masses? Conspiratory theorists and the “they” at the end of the money trail are at odds about that. After all, “we the people” still freely elect our President, Congress and Senate. America’s future is America’s youth and they DID help elect the current administration. Right?

    Whether by coincidence or grand design, I just finished reading “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke where earthings are helped/evolved by Overlords into their place in space of the Overmind that rules the galaxy. Maybe that one should be on the required reading list of future generations.

    Comment by unavocce — November 3, 2009 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

  2. If you’d like to see the overall scope of the argument from so-called conspiracy theorists, Alex Jones has released a full-length documentary (2h:24m HQ) called “The Fall of the Republic.”

    Believe or don’t believe, that’s fine. The issue is that the documentary presents some compelling information, and more importantly shows news footage, clips, and references to back up their claims. It isn’t whether or not there actually is some sort of global elite group. Rather, it’s that a plot of this type must and will fail.

    Nobody seems to be talking about the realities of today’s technological world. They don’t seem to be talking about the interlocking economy with America being the basic driving force. Futuristic scenarios of nuclear wars or economic enslavement always fail to consider the scope of current global economics.

    In truth, if America were to default on all debt, melting down and shutting off the dollar, nobody knows what would happen. There’s never before been a situation like this. Even the fall of the Roman Empire doesn’t equate.

    On a lighter note, David Baldacci’s “The Whole Truth” is a great action story, along the lines of both Wag the Dog and a James Bond thriller. However; it shows how world perception can be affected by Twitter, Facebook, email, and electronic news and blogs. Cool story, lots of fun. 🙂

    Comment by Punchinello — November 4, 2009 @ 12:42 am | Reply

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