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October 29, 2009

The Teach-Them-A-Lesson Mentality

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The GOP mainstream Republican party is all hot and bothered about the so-called conservative base. Everyone is wondering about these mysterious people making up the tea-baggers, town-hollers (yes, that’s how it should be spelled), and how to make the GOP more inclusive. The long-term, life-long party leaders tell us that there should be a “big tent” filled with like-minded voters and money donors. Everyone should get along, and middle-of-the-road moderates are the next big thing.

The problem stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the entire concept of conservatism and the moral principles that create the ideology. A conservative may choose to be Republican, Democrat (e.g., blue-dog Democrat), or even Independent. But a Republican is a party designation. A party affiliation doesn’t cause conservative thinking. On the other hand, simple party affiliation does often creates a belief system for many people in the electorate. Think about a family tradition of voting for one party or another with no underlying thought process.

Conservative thinking begins with that process of thinking THEN leads to a party affiliation. It’s not the other way around!

For years, conservatives have said that they are NOT automatically Republicans. They are not extremists, right-wing fundamentalists, the Christian right, or any other group of people. Conservatives are not a “demographic” to be defined by polling data and marketing tactics. In reality, conservative thinking has little to do with politics at all, much more to do with a basic philosophy and moral structure.

Conservative thinking is a world-view, a conceptual organization of reality. Politicians and political ideas may agree with or coincide with someone’s basic understanding of reality. But nowadays, it’s just as likely that political ideas and agendas totally contradict some people’s view of reality.

Over the past 25 years, conservatives have more and more come to question politicians. Each election increasingly brings forth the underlying values, principles and idea that went into the formation of the United States.

Set against those questions has been the ongoing ideology of liberalism or progressive thinking or whatever other name applies to socialism and statism. All these “isms” are only ways to pigeonhole complex systems of thought. By assigning an “ism” to something, people can pretend they actually understand the thinking without using their mind at all.

Here’s a short political education cartoon produced in 1948 (60 years ago!) that demonstrates how nothing at all has changed.

Increasingly, elections on the national level have promoted GOP candidates who show little integrity, who rarely stick by their campaign promises, and who tend to compromise on everything as soon as they arrive in Washington. Even so, the core Republican ideas used to involve individual liberties, smaller government, and personal responsibility. To that extent, conservatives generally tend to have a relationship with the Republicans. Rarely do conservatives agree with liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, conservative talk-show hosts and other ideological leaders have said that political strategy and tactics call for a unified GOP in a two-party system. Splitting the vote for independent conservative candidates would ensure that the opposing Democrat would win. That’s still the argument going on today. It’s that a third party made up of conservatives on both sides of the aisle wouldn’t win, primarily because of the electoral college system.

The result has been that conservatives have had to hold their noses (more and more), and vote for the GOP candidates.

Despite this push toward party unity, many conservatives have suggested opting out of the election process entirely. Allow the liberal Democrats to win, and the Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINO) candidates to be shown for the wishy-washy pragmatist compromisers that they are. Many people have predicted what would happen to America should the liberal politicians take hold, but that hasn’t seemed to matter.

The thinking is to let progressive liberals take control of the federal government to “teach people a lesson.” With the majority of Americans fast asleep, apathetic, ignorant, or simply disinterested in politics, those voters need a wake-up call. They need to see, right before their very eyes, what would happen if liberal socialists were to take control of the government.

Today, we’re seeing it, right before our very eyes. We’re seeing exactly what would happen with a single-party administration answering to a radical liberal constituency. The question is whether it’s a “wake-up call” for anyone at all. No, apparently not.

Those conservative leaders and talk-show hosts have said that such a strategy would be a very bad idea. Should the liberals actually gain control of the government, the results would be catastrophic. The resulting changes also would become permanent. It would mean the deconstruction of the United States, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men wouldn’t be able to put America back together again.

Conservatives have gone along with this thinking, holding their noses ever more tightly. That came to an end with the candidacy of John McCain. At that point, there no longer was any difference between the overall GOP and the Democrat party. Conservatives voted for McCain, mostly because of the Sarah Palin entry, but look what happened?

All the dire predictions of a collapsing USA came true. Do we blame it on the liberal takeover of congress? Or was it already happening, and Mr. Obama is just the next captain at the helm of an already sinking ship? Likely, it’s the latter case. Presidents Clinton and G. W. Bush have been pretty much following the overall plan of compromise. Massive spending was supposed to be held in check in 1994 by the conservative Republican takeover led by Newt Gingrich. Did it happen? Nope.

Professional politicians care only about re-election. They have no interest in, nor the knowledge to understand long-term financial stability, national security, individual freedom, capitalism, business, economics, or science. The two categories are either professional politician or protester. Nobody, anymore, is representing any kind of rational governance of a nation (not a “society”).

Instead, we’re treated to budgets gone wild, more spending than anyone could have imagined, and a national debt larger than the entire world economy. Oh, it’s all justified under a “war on terrorism” and keeping the dollar strong. Fine, but that has little to do with conservative thinking and principles.

We’re now at a point where it doesn’t matter if we “taught them a lesson” (i.e., the American people). Liberal democrats have taken control of the entire system anyway. With the help of ordinary journalism outlets, we’re seeing exactly what conservatives have predicted for decades.

Are the American people waking up? Not at all. Will they wake up? Who knows. Does anyone care? It’s a mystery.

What will it take for Americans to decide that liberal principles are destructive? Likely, it will happen when every single American begins to feel directly the effects of new policies. It will require the loss of freedom, curtailment of liberties, and the imposition of a new, sweeping government regulations on everyone’s daily life. At that point, maybe people will start to wonder how all this came to happen. Maybe.

But in the meantime, the belief that conservatives must toe the party line has finally come to its conclusion. There’s no point whatsoever, anymore, for conservatives to vote Republican purely for the sake of party unity. The next election will likely break out into core values, meaningful votes, and a slew of independent candidates. Much like what’s happening with the New York 23 district election.

It won’t matter anymore if the GOP or the Democrats win. They’re one and the same. What will matter is a slow takeover of the Republican party by ideological conservatives. However long that takes, so be it.

Mr. Gingrich is still out there promoting “party unity.” He’s still telling us that unless we vote for the GOP-selected candidate we’ll lose congress for the rest of our lives. Really? We’ve ALREADY lost it, and the results are a bankrupt United States, along with the 100% inevitability of a total collapse of the US economy. What could possibly be worse?

Nothing. Conservatives have no further kind of moral contract with American political parties. We’ve now reached the point where fundamental principles are all that remain. At this point, it’s about casual Republican voters crossing over toward thinking conservative ideology. It’s no longer about conservatives having to cross over to the traditional Republican party lines.

If the GOP presents conservative candidates, fine. Otherwise, if there comes a third party and Democrats win everything for years to come, that’s the way it’ll be. At least until the American people understand that socialism and communism will fail, over and over and over again. Everyday voters are going to have to realize that politics does affect their daily lives. At the moment, they don’t see that politics have any impact on their own personal lives at all.


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