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September 11, 2009

More Unemployment Means More Jobs

To paraphrase Congressman Pete Stark of California, let’s begin with simple terms so all of us idiots can understand the real world. We know that for families, the more debt you have the less money you have. The less money you have, the more poor you are. Debt is money that you will have to pay someone later because you spent the money now. But you didn’t have the money, so you borrowed it. The more you borrow, the more debt you have. The more debt, the wealthier you are.

Okay, that’s what you learn when you get a PhD. in economics. The reason it works for governments is that government aren’t individual families. Governments have guns they can point at your head, or jails they can use to make you agree that the more debt we have, the wealthier we are. If you don’t agree, you vanish.

Another reason it works is that according to the intellectual giants, the debt we create also creates a potential for wealth. That means that if we didn’t have the debt, we wouldn’t work as hard to get the money to pay off that debt. And when we work harder, we create more money, which means we have more money, which means we have more wealth. Follow?

So therefore, the more jobs we lose, the more employment we have. Consider: If you’re unemployed, then you’re not working. Therefore you potentially could get a job. After all, if you’re working then you can’t get some other job since you already have a job. But if you’re not working, then you COULD get a job, later or somewhere.

If you could get a job (because you’re out of work), then there must be jobs out there. Otherwise, everyone would be working right now. So the best way to measure the number of potential jobs is to examine the actual number of people out of work. The more people out of work, the more we have an “employment debt.” We’re building up a “credit” in the employment side by increasing our debits on the unemployment side. Any questions thus far? Anybody?

Good: then we’ll come to our conclusions.

Therefore, we need more people to be unemployed in order to increase the number of jobs available.

Additionally, if you’re not working at a job then that job must be available. Otherwise someone would be working there, right? Of course! So since nobody’s working that job, it’s just sitting there…available. We can track the number of available jobs by examining the number of people not working those jobs.

Now YOU may think this is something to question, but that’s because YOU don’t have a degree in economics. In Washington, people we’ve elected (who have almost zero experience in the real world) are the experts. Why? Because other experts have “briefed” them. They’ve had congressional investigations and listened to many hours of answers to some sort of questions.

All that YOU need to remember is that a) the less money you have, the wealthier you are; and b) the fact that you’re not working means that the country as a whole is more and more employed.

Next lesson will examine how the less you produce the more you have. This is known as the “Eat your cake and have it too” rule of economic theory.


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