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September 9, 2009

Politicians, Pimps and Pushers

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Anyone who’s ever lived in poverty or around the ghetto knows that the Candyman is your local drug dealer. He’s the guy who make dreams come true, puts the shine on dirt, and sells you the illusion that life is superb. Comedian Tim Hawkins has done a fabulous job of demonstrating exactly how the US government, politicians, and bureaucrats across the board are exactly like those dealers and pushers. Yeah…the government! What a piece of work!

We just sit there and do nothing. Leave it to the politicians and bankers, who “mix it up with lies and make it all taste good!” Bureaucrats across the board have been a necessary evil for it seems like ages. In fact, we live in an upside-down and backward world. People who do the real work get paid nothing, people who do nothing get paid millions. And in return, we’re given delusions, fantasies, and a make-believe world.

Then there’s Representative Pete Stark (D-California), who’s been in the US House of Representatives his entire adult life. He was apparently first elected in 1973, and has been re-elected over and over, over and over. This video shows the kind of absolutely stunning level of arrogance, disdain, and total disregard for the American people. Does he give a crap? Nope. Not until just before election time.

This is the poster-boy for unbridled greed, stupidity and arrogance. Presumably, he’s EXACTLY what the voters in his district want! They love this guy! Otherwise, why would they put him back in office time after time?

Watch it all the way to the end to see the man explode and drop the F-word bomb. This is a man who is either insane, or who truly believes that the more debt we create, the more wealthy we are. The more money we spend, the more we have. The more we wreck the economy, the better off is the economy!

And we all just believe it. Do you have a PhD. in economics? Do you understand the educated elite intelligence necessary to counteract ALL common sense? Do you run YOUR family budget that way? Of course you don’t! But because you don’t have a piece of paper on your wall saying you’re an expert, then you obviously must be stupid. Of course we can spend fiat money and get wealthier! We’re all living in the Candyman’s world!

This all is going to come tumbling down. It’s a guaranteed, 100% true fact. There’s no possible way America can repay the stunning level of debt we’ve accrued. But it’s all a mind-set. We hand over control to people who know nothing, have no experience, and want only to be re-elected. We hand over management of our companies to bureaucrats, and turn a blind eye to the utter lack of competence that results.

Economists with those PhD’s that Congressman Stark so smugly mentions have a single, terrifying nightmare. What would happen if the US Dollar ever became worthless? None of them know, and they’ve been discussing it for half a century. It’s the final meltdown scenario that has no answer. Even as far back as when Rome collapsed, there has never been a time when the entire planet, all nations on Earth, have been so closely tied to a single currency. Which is now worthless in everyone’s mind except the collective hallucination of politicians.

Who kept electing Ted Kennedy back into office, time after time, despite his career and actions? And who keeps electing creeps like Mr. Stark? How about at a state level, or your local level? Who keeps putting these people into office, over and over again, and then watching as they steal every single dime? Nobody knows. It’s a mystery!


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