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September 2, 2009

Underneath Health Care Insurance Reform

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Despite what we wish or hope, the fact is that we elect a representative congress. The members of the House and Senate, the President, and even the state and local governments do reflect the overall values and beliefs of the country. The majority of polled citizens worry most about the growing debt, deficits, and uncontrolled spending. Not health insurance reform. The country worries that Washington is out of control, and we are ruining our children’s future.

The numbers show that as of now, our children will have a 30% reduction in lifestyle. That means the things, homes, cars, jobs, and “stuff” our children will have available will be 30% more expensive, 30% less available. Many of us don’t pay much attention, but our own lifestyle has fallen nearly by half. What one adult could earn and buy in the 1960s, used to support a comfortable middle-class family of four. Today, a similar lifestyle requires two working adults, and sometimes three jobs between them.

So who’s supporting the massive increase in debt represented by government managed healthcare? Why do people want the rationing, delays, and reduced quality? How can reasonable people still want this so-called reform?

I listened to a young woman outside a recent town hall meeting. Her sister has cancer. Right now. This minute. And although they have some insurance, that coverage won’t pay for all the associated cancer remedial treatments. She believes that if the government fixes healthcare, right now, today, that her sister will instantly receive hundreds of thousands of dollars of cancer treatment and care.

This woman could care less what it would mean to the nation. She could care less what it would mean to the budget, financial system, treasury, and someone’s kids some time in the future. All she wants is for her sister to be fixed. Right now, today. This instant. She’s not interested in the society, individual freedoms, capitalism, economics. She wants what she wants, and she wants it right this moment.

The majority of congress is the same. They don’t care about the deficits, trillion-dollar debt, and never-ending pork-barrel projects. Someone else can fix that, hopefully when these elected officials are old and retired, having left office. Or having been carried out, feet first. They’re not interested in the future. They don’t care about what may, could, or ought to happen. All they want is to be re-elected so they can be big shots.

What’s pathetic is the number of people who truly believe that passing something as complicated as health care reform will immediately fix everything for them, right now, today. This woman believes that if only President Obama could get this bill through congress, then her sister will instantly receive all the medical care necessary. Tomorrow.

Mr. Obama’s polling numbers are plummeting. Young people are abandoning him by the week. Supporters are starting to walk away. Why? Because they really and truly believe that the political and economic process involved in running an entire nation like the United States can be moved in different directions within days.

Even Mr. Obama believes that with a wave of his hand, he can pass health care reform in 14 days. He can fix the entire world economy, bring about world peace, solve the Middle East conflicts, and feed the hungry within days. He can repair trillions of dollars of stolen money in the world’s largest banks, all with the wave of his hand. “Make it so,” he says, and overnight we’re back to happy days.

What sort of adolescent delusion do we live under that we believe The Government can fix our individual problems by tomorrow afternoon? What kind of hallucination must people be living if they think there are never any consequences for stupidity? What will history write about the Baby Boom generation, known for instant gratification and for being the most self-centered generation of modern times?



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