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August 26, 2009

Obama Alienates Everybody

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Let’s just ignore the proposition that Mr. Obama campaigned on the suggestion of being a great reconciler. He would have an open administration. He would work toward bipartisanship. He would end gridlock in the congress. Yeah, yeah, yeah; yadda, yadda, yadda; standard political nonsense. Nobody except those naïve enough to vote for the man bought it for a second. But, there you have it, he’s the boss.

We have conservatives, liberals, and the great middle-of-the-roaders. They’re the moderates, supposedly “above the fray,” not getting down in the mud and dirtying up everything with yelling and screaming. Those moderates are intellectual, reasonable, and like to weigh all sides of an issue before taking a stand. And they’re getting fed up too.

Conservatives worry mostly about America as it was conceived, harking back to somewhere around the 1950s as being a good example of the American way of life. They’re concerned about money, national security, moral values, and social responsibility. We now have a $1.8 trillion deficit, and a national debt of over $11 trillion dollars! Republicans and Democrats have gone wild with totally uncontrolled spending.

Liberals seem to worry about social equality, and particularly don’t want us in overseas wars. Leftovers from the Viet Nam era, they protest war as the reason American kids are dying and families are left grieving. They also don’t like all that money going to the military when it could instead be going toward national health care, feeding the hungry, and eliminating poverty.

The war in Afghanistan is ramping up, with more and more troops going overseas. More and more soldiers are dying, and with unemployment at an all-time high, there are more people without food. The debate over nationalized health care seems to be falling apart, and liberal bloggers are yelling at Mr. Obama that he’s just not doing enough!

Meanwhile, the moderates are trying to have a rational discussion and nobody gives a crap. Republicans have put together several alternate proposals for health care reform, but the proposals aren’t getting much media attention. The moderates are finding them and wondering why the Administration isn’t discussing all that.

Additionally, moderates care about over-spending and want the national debt to reflect legitimate reasons for taking on that debt burden. With multi-trillion-dollar deficits, sinking tax revenues, and rising unemployment even the moderates are wondering what the hell is going on.

And Mr. Obama sails through it all with a smile, a wave, and a teleprompter. He spouts platitudes and campaign slogans, doing nothing at all in any definitive way. As he did with his campaign, he leaves the details to his employees, cheering them on and stepping away if it looks like he may appear in a bad light before the American voters.

All in all, not bad. We have a president with no experience, doing nothing, and yet who’s managed to piss off every segment of the entire voting population. Polling data, the only thing anyone in politics even notices anymore, indicates an increasing likelihood that the Democrats will lose at at least 20 seats in the 2010 elections. That’s not too shabby, particularly for someone who was supposed to bring “hope and change” to politics!


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