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July 21, 2009

Divorce in Low-Income Brackets

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It’s not easy being poor. There always are fights and arguments over money, and many marriages get seriously strained to the breaking point. If it’s not money, then it’s addictions. Alcohol, dope, gambling, they’re all problems with people trying any way they can go make some extra money.

Around here, what with various trailer parks and low-income housing, we run into these kinds of sad stories. Charlene and Dan were in exactly that situation, just the other day. They were arguing and fighting, constantly going back and forth. They eventually decided to get a divorce.

So they went on down to the local courthouse, filed the papers, and dealt with the attorneys. It took some time, but as with all sad events, the divorce eventually was finalized.

On that fine summer afternoon, the sad couple left the courthouse and Charlene just burst out crying. She stood there and wept, wishing life wasn’t so hard. Dan put his arms around here, and tried to console her.

“Aw…c’mon, Charlene. Don’t be so sad, honey. After all, you’ll still be my sister!”


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