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July 7, 2009

Anti-Smoking Isn’t About Smoking

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We’re starting to at last see the real and ugly truth about liberalism, social reform and other such “movements.” It isn’t about the issue at all. It’s about money, and it’s about control. With decades of regulations, laws, confiscations, and social shunning, smokers are about finished. The latest round of tax hikes, FDA regulation, and perhaps disallowing the US Postal Service from mailing to home addresses, we’re at the end of the line.

Enter the electronic vaporizer. Most manufacturers call them personal vaporizers (PVs), electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes (e-cigs, for short). They do not use fire. They make zero smoke. They contain zero carcinogens. The look like a cigarette, or perhaps a small cigar. They produce water vapor that appears to be smoke. But it isn’t smoke. And anti-smoking totalitarians are demanding, screeching, screaming, and gnashing their teeth. “Ban them!”


For years and years we’ve heard about how non-smokers can’t possibly stomach their food in a nice restaurant, what with the stench of gaseous smoke vomiting from the mouths and nostrils of smokers. We’ve heard that going to a bar where smoking takes place means ruining entire wardrobes. Clothes, paper, hair, skin, and everything else picks up the dreaded stink of tobacco smoke.

Never mind that people have smoked for centuries, and until the 1980s, most non-smokers didn’t seem to have much of a problem with smokers.

All of that goes away with e-cigarettes. With no smoke, there’s no residue. With no smoke, there’s no lingering smell. With no smoke there’s no second-hand or third-hand smoke. With no smoke, there’s no fire hazard. With no smoke, there’s nothing whatsoever to affect non-smokers. Except that it LOOKS like a cigarette! It LOOKS like smoke!

And so we have oh-so-sanctimonious anti-smoking activists DEMANDING that e-cigarettes immediately be banned from everywhere! They look like cigarettes, so they must be cigarettes! It’s a most bizarre exception to a common rule of thumb: If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck…it must be a duck!

No…not necessarily.

But to understand the difference requires a mind. It requires thought, reason, and some sort of conscious awareness of the surrounding world. It requires a comprehension of the difference between feelings and reason. It means actually considering that some information entering the brain is true, made up of facts. And some information showing up in the brain is simply mindless biochemistry and habit.

The current demands by rabid anti-smoking Nazis is about control, pure and simple. It’s about the ground-level need for suppression, subjugation, and fascism. It has nothing to do with “smoke,” and nothing to do with the consequences of that smoke. It’s about some people wanting to dominate other people so as to make their own miserable little lives appear worthwhile.

That exact same animal need for dominance is behind so-called climate change, and the resulting Cap-And-Trade legislation. It’s behind government managed health care. It’s behind unions taking control of previous private business. It’s about the secular movement, ethical relativism, and all the other favorite liberal movements.

Where many individual liberals within the hive won’t make actual money from their scam, they’ll still have the appearance of a moral high road. Which is totally ironic, given that the single common thread winding throughout all of liberalism is the utter and complete lack of any morality whatsoever. Liberalism is all about spontaneous feelings, never about principled moral values. And yet, that’s the loudest howl of all! They’re doing it “for the common good.”


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