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June 23, 2009

Budget Cuts and Democrat Snit Fits

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That SNIT fits…not the other kind of S-word. When I was growing up, a snit fit meant a temper tantrum thrown by a 5-yearold. It meant a grudge kind of hissy fit, based on hurt feelings and a desire for vengeance. Maybe not major vengeance, but the kind of thing where a kid would say, “Fine! I’m taking my toys and going home! I’m not your friend anymore!”

All this reminds me of the current budget cut proposals being foisted on us by the generally Democrat state and federal legislators. California, Illinois, New York, Michigan all seem to be leaning towards modern democratic ideas. They tend to be “blue” states, voting for the Democrat party and agendas. And they’re all going broke. California, of course, is the big one. But the federal government isn’t far behind.

Americans have said they don’t want tax increases. In most of the country, that’s a suggestion from the voters. In California, it’s got the force of law behind it, given their recent referendum denying tax increases. Oddly enough, that means politicians are thinking about cutting spending. Perhaps for the first time in their lives. And they don’t like it! They’re mad as hell, and they’re not gonna take it anymore! Or something.

So what do they do? They look around at the programs, services, and mandates people will notice the most. They announce they’re going to make cuts in areas that are guaranteed to get people upset. Do they talk about cutting their own salaries? Of course not! Do they talk about more efficient bureaucracies? Nope.

Instead, we hear that mentally ill people aren’t going to get help. Old people aren’t going to get medications. Starving people aren’t going to get food. We’re going to lose police officers, fire-fighters, and other emergency services. And we’re going to cut road services, transportation services and probably hospital services.

We’re going to have criminals out on the streets, but that’s Just Too Bad! If YOU want to prevent the government from getting more money in taxes, then YOU’LL be sorry! YOU caused all this! YOU created the problem by being stingy, mean-spirited, and by not paying your “fair share.” It’s all YOUR fault that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket!

Our political leaders say their hands tied. They simply can’t do any better. They’re working as hard as any human being can possibly work, and they absolutely cannot find a single place to cut back on spending. It’s just…impossible!

The April 15 tea parties protesting over-the-top spending and tax waste were said to be a silly little thing the conservatives made up out of nothing. Last week we heard that 47% of Americans consider themselves to be conservatives. On July 4, more tea parties have been organized. But do the politicians care? Of course not!

I’m really thinking that unless we can get term limits in place across the board, the only other possible option is a Conservative third party. Many people argue that a three-party system just won’t work. Everyone will lose, so we have to stay with the Republican or Democrat parties. Where’s that getting us? How’s that working for us? It’s not getting us anywhere, that’s for sure!


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