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June 12, 2009

Votes or Reality: Which is More Powerful?

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California is about to run out of money. July 28 is the moment it all will come to a head. One of the main reasons is that revenue isn’t rising in accordance with projections. What that means is that the people who bring in money and create money with jobs and business aren’t doing enough.

On the other hand, politicians continue to spend money like water. They don’t care if income falls well below expenditures. Either on the California state level or the national, federal level, they simply don’t care. Why not?

Are politicians insane? Are they fundamentally incompetent? No, not really. They’re mostly rich lawyers who want power, status, control, and money. Sure, they might have started out wanting to “do good for the people,” but that falls away right quickly as soon as the find out how Washington works. It’s all about getting the votes. Do ANYthing to get the votes!

Without votes, politicians lose their jobs. So from the day after an election, most (if not all) political “work” is about getting votes again. To accomplish that, politicians gerrymander districts to make sure that their own voters all fit into a single bloc of voters. If that doesn’t work, they bring home “pork,” meaning money for local projects. “Look at all the money I got us!” they tell their voters.

But what about reality?

Every day, lately, we hear that the recession is bottoming out. Who says? By what measure? Well, it’s either politicians telling us all this nonsense, or it’s financial investors and banks telling us. They’re using super complicated numbers involving things like 30-year Treasury bonds, mortgage rates, or the value of the US dollar against other currencies.

Oh sure, they tell us that unemployment likely will continue to be very bad until perhaps 2016, but so what? Oh sure, the current deficit is now in the trillions of dollars, and the overall national debt exceeds the net worth of the entire United States of America! So what? Who cares? Fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow’s another day.

More likely, politicians are so overwhelmed by the incredible disaster they’ve now engineered, they can’t comprehend reality anymore. It’s so big, so bad, and so utterly fouled up beyond all possible recognition, the politicians have simply given up. It’s like the never-ending taxes slammed onto the tobacco smokers. “They’ll probably all die soon anyway, so let’s get as much money out of ’em as we can before they die.”

So too, the American economy is so totally screwed up, the politicians are trying to get as much as they can before the voters wake up and realize just what’s happened.

The key, is to keep the voters asleep for as long as possible. In many ways, mainstream journalism is willingly aiding and abetting in the Grand Hoax. We have to do a lot of research to find out the truth behind most of today’s news stories. But it’s still there. At least.

Reality tells us that we simply cannot spend more than we earn, month after month, year after year. There’s no possible way that we can continue to print money and not have disastrous consequences. So how is it possible?

Politicians have no connection with reality whatsoever! To them, only voting numbers matter. Only the “spin” and the illusion they create on the political stage matters. Only the cover-ups, stories, and make-believe fantasies mean anything. And that’s because such a large percentage of voters are too ignorant to understand what’s happening.

The question is whether or not reality itself is real. How long can our so-called political representatives continue to flaunt that reality?

Modern philosophy tells us that politicians can avoid reality forever because there’s no such thing as an objective reality. Today’s citizens who graduated from the American educational system have no concept of reality. They’ve been taught there’s no such thing, and that everything is entirely a matter of feelings.

Does reality actually exist? We’re likely going to get the definitive truth in the very near future. For the moment, though, voters win. Politicians are tearing apart this nation, wrecking 250 years of the most amazing experience of individual freedom ever seen in history. When the dust settles, will it even be possible to rebuild the country?

Let’s vote on that, shall we?


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