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June 10, 2009

Anti-Smoking Nazis can get Screwed

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Well, it looks like there’s some excellent news on the smoking front! For decades, we smokers have been under assault by several methods. The first is that cigarettes will absolutely kill anyone who even comes close to one. Aside from the “proven fact” (Not!) that cigarettes cause cancer, there’s also the “proven fact” (Not!) that second-hand smoke is at least as deadly as first-hand smoke.

Another front has been the stench of cigarette smoke. People say that the smoke in bars and restaurants is so bad it’s destroying their lives.

And of course there’s the hidden attack that tobacco pays for such a large portion of the health care system. The recent massive tax increase on all tobacco products was passed on the basis of the SCHIP program, offering free health care to just about anyone under 30 years of age.

One of the fascinating things about all this has been the utter and astounding hypocrisy. If cigarettes are so immensely horrible, then why are they still legal? Why aren’t they banned like heroin, crack, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs? The answer, of course, is because tobacco pays for so much of America’s infrastructure.

Now there are two new attacks passing through the modern-day congress of oppression. One will give the FDA authority to regulate tobacco products. The other will attempt to outlaw the mailing of tobacco products through the US Postal Service.

What would happen if all smokers simply quit?

Some anti-smoking assholes say this is exactly the point. They want all smokers to quit smoking because of what…? Nobody knows, other than it’s what they want. They “say” it’s because we’ll have cleaner air, and fewer people going to hospitals and stealing health care from them. They “say” it’ll be cheaper, regardless of how much money smokers are pouring into the economy.

So now we have a new product: e-cigarettes. They’re rapidly sweeping the nation, converting smokers away from tobacco and moving them toward nicotine-laced water vapor. This is fantastic news! Smokers likely will be walking away from tobacco in droves, by the millions!

You non-smokers have absolutely no idea what’s been going on. You have no clue how the government has been using increasingly tyrannical methods to take control of smokers’ lives. Non-smokers have been sanctimonious hypocrites, watching with utter glee the problems of those who simply choose to smoke.

When smokers walk away from tobacco, let’s see what happens. You think the government will simply shut down SCHIP because they don’t have tobacco money to finance it? Not a chance in hell! They’ll simply put a tax on something else. Probably fat people or gasoline or windows. Maybe they’ll tax barbecue grills or charcoal, or propane!

The anti-smokers are going nuts! They can’t regulate this new product because it doesn’t fit in with whatever stupid arguments they’ve been making for 20 years. There’s no smoke! The government is going nuts because there’s nothing to tax. If they decide to tax water, or tax nicotine that’s one thing. But where would be the popular support for that?

For years, we’ve listened to the vapid crap spewing forth from anti-smoking fanatics. We’ve listened while being inundated by rancid perfumes, the stench of aftershave lotions, and stinking ketone breath from bad eating habits. We’ve been pushed outside on breaks at work, pushed off the workplace grounds, and even told we can’t have privacy in our own damn cars!

And now it’s ending. Who will the control Nazis go after when there aren’t any more smokers? Just look at England, that’ll give you a clue. Anyone who’s enjoying life, that’s who! They’re the target. Too bad, so sad.


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