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May 24, 2009

California Here We Come

Watch what’s happening in California to see the future of the United States. We’ve seen how trends begin in California, then move to New York and Florida, eventually spreading across the rest of the country. Illinois is a good harbinger of what will happen when trends reach the Midwest. But it all begins in California, at least generally speaking. California is broke, they have a massive debt, no money, and they can’t raise taxes.

Illinois is also broke, and the governor has announced a 50% increase in state taxes. After all, the individual states can’t simply print money the way the federal government can. The Federal Reserve has announced that the debt it’s holding for America went from $800-billion a year ago, to $2.3-trillion. Remember that when nobody else buys Treasury bills, the Fed steps in to buy them. But those Treasuries are debt, like securities on the market.

Raise taxes! That’s the theme from all these places. Raise taxes! That’s how all these governments want to make more money. If we don’t raise taxes, we’ll have disasters! If we don’t take more of your money, you’ll…be…sorry…!

But let’s look at the things the states will have to cut on an emergency basis. What will we lose if we don’t pay more in taxes? California and Illinois immediately fall back on the classic liberal issues:

Health Care — We’ll have to end ALL health care to children, senior citizens, and people who’ve lost their jobs. Nobody will be able to see a doctor. People will die of horrible diseases or they’ll die because they can’t get basic (humanitarian) care. Old people won’t get medicine, they’ll starve, or they’ll freeze to death.

Education — We must fire thousands of teachers. Those teachers are part of the public education mandate. Children will never learn to read, they’ll never go to school, they’ll grow up ignorant, and nobody will be able to handle a job.

Prisons — The jails are so expensive, we’ll have to release most of the criminals from all the state prisons. We’ll have murderers, rapists, thugs, and drug dealers living in regular neighborhoods, just like the pedophiles and child abusers.

Law Enforcement — Without more taxes, we’ll have to let go all the police officers. The criminals we release from the prisons will be running wild. Nobody will be able to stop them. We’ll have mother rapers, father rapers, children rapers, all running wild and eating dead pit-bulls.

Welfare — We’ll end most of the major welfare programs. Mothers will have no money for their children. Babies will die without milk and diapers. Poor people will fall over dead in the streets, leaving disease-ridden, bloating, rotted corpses in every neighborhood.

Immigration — There won’t be any money to prevent illegal immigrants from taking every single job available. Nobody will be able to stop the flood, and there won’t be any money to help those illegal immigrants if they get sick.

Public Transportation — The trains will stop. Air travel and airports won’t have any workers. The infrastructure will shut down, with public roads having nobody to fix anything, and nobody to fix any bridges.

City Workers — We’ll have to let go most of the public works employees. Nobody will be there to pick up the garbage. Nobody will be able to remove the flyblown rotting corpses of dead babies. Garbage will pile up, bringing rats, typhoid and cholera.

Parks & Recreation — The forest and part districts will have to shut down. The environment will instantly explode into evil buildings and factories. Nobody will have a place to ride their horsie, and children will never again see green leaves growing wild.

Notice that in every, single example, these governors are pointing to exactly the same issues they use to get elected! Every one of these issues has been around for at least 100 years. Every single election, we hear how the government is going to fix health care, fix the police, fix education, fix the prisons, fix the economy, fix the whole damn world!

Every one of these threats are issues that the government has been charged to fix in the first place! What the hell happened to the billions upon billions of dollars that were supposed to be spent on solving these decades-long crises? We’re apparently in just as precarious a position today as we were in 1955!

And as soon as the people of the state decide not to pay even higher taxes, we hear exactly the same issues. Exactly the same threats. We’re told that all of society will immediately come to a grinding halt. Civilization will collapse, and individual people will be killed by catastrophic nature.

Is there any wasteful spending in government? Can’t we reduce the flood of money pouring out of the state treasuries?

Decade after decade, generation after generation, we hear about the incredible and massive waste in government. Just the bureaucracy alone swallows up money by the millions. Bad decisions, inefficiencies, failed programs, idiotic regulations, contradictory laws, and unadulterated greed are responsible for billions of dollars going into the garbage.

We constantly see corruption scandals, illegal scams, crooks in government, and outright theft. Countless employees do nothing at all, sitting as ghosts on the public employment lists. Laws and regulations shut down business after business. Taxes steal more and more investment money, productive money, and prevent new businesses from being profitable.

Beyond the taxes and regulations, we have laws that simply wipe out whole fields of work and effort. The new lead-testing regulations have tremendous and far-reaching consequences, but nobody hears about any of that. Instead, the few people in the government who actually accomplish things and help people, those are the ones that are laid off. Social workers who really try to help children, abused women, or administer food-stamp programs are let go. The remaining few are so overwhelmed with work they can’t do anything.

Why do actual classroom teachers get let go, but we hear nothing about losing administrators and school management? The federal and state education administrations and bureaucracy are among the largest, and have no teachers at all! How come we never hear about cutting government office workers, or shutting down obsolete agencies? No matter what, when an agency has been created, it never again shuts down.

Is there no possible way to cut costs, cut expenditures, and develop new income normally? For every business that becomes successful, the income and sales taxes will increase. But with lawsuits and multi-million “damages” awards, who would want to put a business together?

Illinois, California, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire — all liberal states. People and businesses are leaving these places in droves. The 20% of producers are leaving, and the 80% of followers don’t have the money to finance their own programs. Pension funds have been robbed blind by the politicians. Each state budget has IOUs instead of real money.

And the governors tell us that if we don’t go along with more robbery, they’ll unleash chaos upon us all.

Do you believe liberalism is about human goodness, compassion, and caring for others? The underlying threat that’s now become overt and crystal clear is right there. It’s now in your face! If you don’t give the government politicians more money, then you’ll deal with no services, no infrastructure, and no protection.

It’s a protection racket alright, exactly like organized crime. First they burn your store, then they hit you up for the money to prevent such “accidents” in the future. You want to hope for change? Just look at California! There’s the change that’s coming to a theater near you!


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