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May 12, 2009

The Government Says This is Reality

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I’ve seen gas prices rapidly increase over the past two weeks. They’ve gone from around $2.15 to $2.45, just in a few days. Of course I noticed, driving past various gas stations in town. And of course I’m trained to know that every summer, every Memorial Day, every holiday the price of gas “just happens” to go up.

Listening to the radio, the 30-second sound bytes begin with, “The Government says that gas prices are going up.” Then there are some quick lists of higher prices in California, New York, or some other state. Ending the story, the person reading the news tells us that prices may be higher than yesterday, but they’re much lower than last year. End of story.

Why do so many people need the government to tell them what they already know? How come we don’t hear the story, “Research shows that gas prices are rising.” Then have, “A spokesperson for the Government says the Administration believes this or that is the reason.” How come?

The sad fact is that it’s a “device.”

By continually driving into our brains the statement that, “The government says…” we become trained, just like Pavlov’s dogs. We come to expect all our information about reality to begin with The Government.

And it works!

More and more people have abdicated all thought, terminated all critical thinking, given up on reason, and they’re too tired to do their own research. It’s easier to sit watching TV, being told what to think, what to feel, and what to do. Over and over, “The Government Says” becomes the mantra and automatic phrase associated with reality.

The Government Says the recession is over, big business is killing us, we need more money, we need more taxes, people are starving, people are dying, the world is exploding, nothing is wrong. The Government Says…!

Remember the game, Simon Says?

Pretty soon you’ll go to buy a candy bar, and the store owner won’t sell it to you. “You didn’t ask if The Government Says it’s okay to buy a candy bar!”

Mind-numbed robots. That’s what we’re becoming. That’s what the Government says!


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