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May 6, 2009

Washington’s Loser Strategy

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Life’s a competitive struggle. We can try to legislate out of existence things like competition, hurt feelings, pain and hardship, but that’s just the arrogance of a lazy society. The fact is that life isn’t fair. It’s competitive. It’s a struggle, and there are both triumphs and failures, gains and losses. It’s been that way for as long as human beings have been alive on the planet. And yet, Washington and our chosen politicians fundamentally choose failure every time.

Think about history. Think about every war you’ve ever heard about. Think about every instance where one group goes after another group. Think about the Roman Empire, for example, and all other empires. In every single case, someone has something. Someone else wants that thing, so they invade and take whatever it is they want.

Why would anyone want something? Well that’s the key to all aggression, wars, and invasions. It may be gold, food, water, oil, land, people, lumber, or anything else, but one group has it and another group doesn’t have it. The group that doesn’t have a resource wants the resource. It’s valuable! They see that it’s valuable, know that it’s valuable, and they want it.

Except for the modern-day American government!

Look at what’s been happening over the past years. Chrysler is going bankrupt, so the government wants it. Housing values are going down, so the government wants to get into real estate. Banks are failing, so the government wants them.

But America has vast tracts of oil and natural gas, and Americans want that energy for cars and machines. And the government does NOT want that!

You’d think that if the government was going to take over an industry it would be because the politicians see a lot of money in those industries. And they want it. Instead, the politicians continually go after losing propositions, losing companies, valueless systems, and every other failing process they can imagine.

Contrary to all of history, all greed, all value, all sense of control, the government is one of the few organizations that chooses failure as their target.

When one corporation sees a failing business, they make some complex and thoughtful examinations. They test the underlying resources. If there’s anything with real worth they make a bid to take over the other business. Or they run a hostile takeover. They can sell the core resources because those resources have value.

But not the US Government! In government strategy, they go after dead or dying companies. There’s no value left. There’s nothing worth anything. THAT’s the desirable target for government takeovers! Why?

Nobody knows; it’s a mystery.

There’s only one other reason for going to war, and that’s to destroy something. The Islamic whack-jobs want to wipe out every religion other than Islam, making that the single, worldwide religion. The Allied nations went after the Axis powers of World War II for the purpose of destroying a growing threat of worldwide totalitarianism.

Washington is going after whatever is positive and growing, apparently for the purpose of destroying it. Why?

Nobody know; it’s a mystery.


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