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March 29, 2009

I Vote for Electricity and Technology

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We’ve just experienced one of the most idiotic, dumbass schemes I’ve witnessed since last week! All this month, I’ve been hearing commercials about how this year we should vote for the planet! The idea some moron cooked up was that we should all turn off our electric switches for 1 hour. And somehow, by some brain-dead analysis, that’s going to make the planet survive.

Of course, first you have to buy into the global climate change fiasco, where human beings are wrecking the entire climate of the planet Earth!

I grew up in an upper middle-class family, and hung out with well-to-do people. I spent time with wealthy people, and time with poor people. Life has been an adventure so far, and at the moment I’m in the poverty class. And I have to say, I prefer electricity as a generally better way to get through poverty than nothing at all.

These kinds of unbelievably stupid schemes always, ALWAYS derive from rich people with too damn much time on their hands, too much guilt, and not enough actual life experience. They want everyone else to endure pain and suffering. Usually, so they can then come riding in on a white horse to “save” everyone.

But in other cases, they feel that if everyone else is suffering pain and hardships, they won’t feel so badly about whatever nonsense they’re babbling about. If Alana Morissette wants to sacrifice an hour’s worth of electricity, so what? Who the hell frickin’ cares? ONE concert of hers sucks up more power than the entire town where I live!

Let’s have all these rich liberals live in a cold-water walk-up apartment for a year or two. No electricity, no heat, no limousines, no agents, no managers, no money. Then they can decide how important it is to save the planet with their mindless blather.

Only 100 years ago, the city of Chicago was a nightmare of pollution! On cold days, when every household was burning coal for heat, you couldn’t see half a block. The cinders in the air were so thick it was like black fog. The stench of the slaughterhouses providing the nation with meat was everywhere. People could smell the stink all the way to Indiana!

How come it’s not worse today? Why don’t we have whole urban centers populated with dying people suffering black-lung disease? How come we don’t notice that miserable stench anymore? What happened to the rivers of horse manure that used to float through the city streets?

Technology! THAT’s what happened!

Thinking people who wanted to earn some money came up with ideas! They came up with solutions! They figured out ways to use less coal, clean the air, remove the stench, provide heat, and stop using horses for transportation. Those capitalists and industrialists came up with the technology to allow Hollywood actors and actresses to live the way they do.

Men and women looked around, saw that the world was a mess, hard to survive, and difficult to endure. And so they made it better! They developed medicine, pharmaceuticals, machines, robots, computers, an electrical grid, the phone systems, and washing machines! The single most important invention that freed women to enjoy life a bit was that washing machine! And it runs of frickin’ electricity!

Those same capitalists, labeled as greedy killers of the planet, created the entire infrastructure! They created the concert halls, records and disks, videos, wires, electrical systems, communications systems, and every other damn thing that these morons REQUIRE in order to live!

Do you think Ms. Morissette has been doing her own laundry lately? Do think she even shops in a store anymore? How about making her own clothes? All that free time she has, given to her by inventors and visionaries, and by the people who buy her poetry—do you think she values it? The free time? Is it free? Or did someone pay for that time she now enjoys?

And they want ME to live in a cold, dark apartment? It’s hard enough to come up with the money to pay the electric bill each month, and I’m supposed to give a flying crap about their nonsense? Not a chance!

Save the whales! Collect the whole set and win valuable prizes!


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