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March 22, 2009

Long-Haired Hippie-Type Commies Ain’t Welcome

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My how things change!

When I was a teenager, long hair was all the rage for people of the man persuasion. No bras, their having all been burned, was de rigeur for people of the woman persuasion. Being a rock ‘n’ roll type fella, back in the day, long hair was even more the “in” thing. Fine, so I had really frizzy hair! So? At least it was long.

And I was a rock musician, even doing it professionally for quite a while. Although I’d started out in New York, I ended up in Peoria, Illinois of all places. That’s in the midwest heartland, where farms, beer, and pickup trucks rule. We call them “pick’em-up trucks,” but y’all know what I’m sayin’.

Funny thing, though. When we’d stop into a local bar or diner, burger joint or store, lots of people would stop and stare. These were the conservative rednecks, tractor drivers and truck drivers. They were the “locals,” gun-owners and store owners. And they all said the same thing.

“We don’t like long-haired hippies like y’all, aroun’ h’yar.”

In some cases things got violent. Mostly, there was just a lot of hostility.

At the time, we young folks believed we had righteousness on our side. We were idealists. We knew The Truth. And so we protested, sat down in places, messed with flowers, and sang lots of anti-war songs. We floated candles down rivers to stop wars, and held hands for peace. We believed that if we all just got along, there’d be no wars or violence, no need for money. Oh…wait. Mommy and Daddy always sent money if we really needed it. But under protest from us.

It all was lovely, idealistic, pointless, and pretty damn stupid when you stop to think about it. But since most of us were high on some kind of dope, who knew?

Not all that much later…in fact…right about nowadays, things got different. Now, long-haired hippie-type folks don’t have so much hair anymore. They’re mostly bald-headed, overweight hippie types now. If they’re of the woman persuasion, it doesn’t much matter anymore if they do or don’t have bras.

They’re all running the government!

Nowadays it’s the conservative farmers, truck drivers, store and business owners, and everyday working corporate employees who are in trouble. They walk into a coffee shop, tea shop, clothing boutique, or croissants-and-literature shop and everyone stops.

“Um, excuse me madam. We noticed that you have a conservative air about you, and we must make a small comment. We don’t like yer kind aroun’ h’yar!”

I wonder: Back then, all of us hippie-type dope-smokin’ pill-poppin’ protesters held up traffic and generally caused trouble for The Establishment. And that Establishment pretty much ignored it all, except when 18 yearolds got the vote. Then politicians made nice, and pretended to care.

But generally speaking, The Establishment didn’t much give a crap about what all them crazy-ass youngsters were complaining about.

Now it’s the crazy-ass youngsters who run things. What will they do when The Establishment either disappears entirely, or just quits? What happens when The Establishment starts to march on Washington, holds protest meetings, and generally decides not to go to work anymore?

Back then, hippies put flowers in the barrels of rifles telling the National Guard to “make love, not war.” What happens when it’s the flower children who are in charge, and it’s the National Guard and the National Rifle Association who are protesting?


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