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March 20, 2009

Your Food Makes me Sick!

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House Resolution 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, introduced in the House last month by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn), would divide the current Food and Drug Administration into two agencies — one to oversee food safety and the other to oversee the medical field.

Aside from regulating farms and orchards as “food production facilities,” the bill would also apply to ranches.

The bill calls for “monitoring and surveillance” of livestock as well as crops, and would set minimum standards “related to the animal’s health, feed and environment which bear on the safety of food for human consumption.

One of the classic problems with the Baby Boom generation is that the entire group is long on idealism, short on practical implementation. Exactly like the same mystical generations that have cycled through history before us, those Baby Boomers are now the managing generation. They’re (I’m one, also) the leaders of our brave new world, and focusing on intentions not results.

This new Food Safety Modernization Act is also long on intention and short on reality. Pretty much like the entire Washington administration. It’s based on the recent number of salmonella outbreaks, and the poisoning of little children with Chinese milk.

The question is whether all this tainted food comes from the US, or from foreign nations without any regulations.

As with all Baby Boomer “solutions,” the answer is to give the government sweeping, omnibus power to do whatever it feels like doing. There are no limits, no “Bill of Rights” constraints, and the actual regulations aren’t even clearly spelled out. All we know is that Rep. DeLauro wants “someone” (i.e., The Government) to have total and absolute control over food. ALL food!

Michelle Obama invited some li’l tykes over to her house to grow a vegetable garden. She’s said they can come back at harvest time to eat what they grow.

Not if Rep. DeLauro has anything to say about it! This new massive bureaucracy of food safety inspectors has the right to designate Ms. Obama’s vegetable garden as a “food production facility.” She and her li’l tykes are going to have to have records of inspection, proof that the food was grown and raised safely. They’re going to have to be able to submit their produce for FSA testing, to determine whether or not it’s safe to eat.

Do you want to have a Victory garden? That’s what folks did back during WW II as a way to help supplement food rationing. And how about stopping at the local roadside farmstand on the way home from work? Want some fresh corn, strawberries or cucumbers?

Hey, what about all that organic food everyone’s talking about? You know, that “natural” food, grown without chemicals, pesticides, or genetic engineering? Remember? It’s “for the children,” so they won’t have ADHT problems. Enh, screw ’em. We’ll just load ’em up with Prozac and they won’t know they’re too fat. Better that than the possibility they could get salmonella poisoning!

How about the Constitutional provisions designating the power of the States versus the Federal government? Does Washington have the right to arbitrarily put together this FSA, which then can override what each state decides is okay to sell?

And let’s take a look at those homemade chocolate-chip cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies. Your kitchen can be designated a “food production facility.” Oh, that’s ridiculous, you say. Is it?

The fundamental structure of the Bill of Rights was to clearly and expressly define the limits to government. For the past 40 years, modern-day congress (with the backing of the Supreme Court) has changed all that. Nowadays, new laws and regulations give federal bureaucracies unlimited powers. Until they’re tested by the legal system.

We’ve allowed Baby Boomers to overreact to just about everything. Some serious sanitary conditions lead to tomato, spinach, peanut and milk poisoning and we want TOTAL regulation over every single bit of food anyone makes, grows, produces, or packages.

Are your feelings hurt? Let’s pass a law! Did you fall down and get a boo-boo? Let’s pass a law! Don’t like Santa Clause? Let’s pass a law! Lost your job? Let’s pass a law! Don’t like your neighbor’s morality? Let’s pass a law! Think you know better than everyone else? Run for President…or better yet, Congress. There aren’t any term limits on congress!

But it’s for the children, people say! Who can be against the children? Only cold-hearted, cruel monsters who care only for themselves! Only greedy capitalist business owners who put profit ahead of human life! They say.

Global warming insanity is about to cost us $2-trillion in lost business, lost income, massive regulation and new taxes. But it’s for “the children.” Arbitrary “science by fiat” is justified by future generations of “the children.” Secondhand smoke is killing “the children,” regardless that it doesn’t have any medical or scientific fact behind it whatsoever.

Canada wants to make skiing helmets a mandatory law, in the wake of Natasha Richardson’s accidental death. One person dies, she wasn’t wearing a hockey-helmet, and now the entire world MUST comply! Motorcycle helmets came first. Then “for the children,” bicycle helmets. I’m sure we’ll be forced to wear helmets when we drive our cars, pretty soon.

Parents can be arrested for not having car seats “for the children.” If they discipline “the children” they can be arrested. “The children” must have a right of privacy, so if “the children” get pregnant we’re not allowed to tell their parents.

Who’s responsible for anything anymore? The federal government, that’s who! And it’s because Baby Boomer idealists without ANY practical understanding of reality have decided that you’re too stupid to figure out how to live your own life responsibly! If you disagree, then you’re “against children.”

Oh, by the way; Illinois wants to extend the “throwaway babies” law from 7 t0 30 days. This so-called safe-haven law means that if “the children” have a baby and don’t like it, they can dump it at a local fire house or police station without anyone getting mad or anything.

Perhaps Michelle Obama wants to take the vegetables from her little garden and put them on display? Maybe they’re not for eating, but more like a museum display showing how people used to eat real food. That was back before Soylent Green, maybe?

All we need is a federal agency with TOTAL authority over all our food! That way, the “other half” of this new, improved FDA can spend its time on bioethics, and determining who should live or die. They’ll make decisions on whether or not someone has a “quality life.” So Downs syndrome kids won’t need that Special Olympics anymore, since those kids “can’t” have a quality life. Therefore, let’s just kill them all. But wait, aren’t those kids children too? Not according to modern bioethics analysis.

On whose authority? By what measure?

Nobody knows; it’s a mystery.



  1. AMEN!!!

    You nailed it, absolutely nailed it.

    Comment by Roger27 — March 20, 2009 @ 4:16 pm | Reply

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  3. the loss of Natasha Richardson makes think i might wear a helmet next time I go skiing

    Comment by Joe — March 29, 2009 @ 6:54 pm | Reply

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