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March 19, 2009

Your Taxpayer Money or Government Money?

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Conservative talk-show hosts are always telling us the cost of the next fiasco in terms of taxpayer dollars. “You are paying” this or that, they say. The government is throwing around money like we’ve never before seen in history, all in the name of helping “the people.” When liberals get mad (because they look bad on TV), they too tell us it’s taxpayer money.

The absolutely disgusting bid for face-time on the part of the congress regarding AIG is an example of feigned outrage over the squandering of taxpayer money. Or…is it?

How much taxpayer money is there, really?

Total Federal tax receipts (collected) for 2007 were approximately $2.4 trillion. That’s the money that taxpayers actually paid the government. That’s the money that the government actually has to spend.

We also know that the government has been operating with a deficit for years and years, years and years.

There also is the “on budget” versus “off budget” funny-money accounting, where Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid payments and receipts aren’t shown.

So in January of 2007, we, the people, and our government were already behind the budget. We owed money. To whom? Anyone who owns US Treasury bills, savings bonds, and other securities produced by the US government.

By the end of 2007, and when all the taxes were collected, we had $2.4 trillion to spend.

Between November of 2008, and March of 2009, the government “bailout” packages, just on their own, came close to $2-trillion. That’s “extra” money designed to presumably help the economy.

Meanwhile, there’s a government spending package of another $400 billion or so, designed for no reason at all, as far as anyone can work out, other than pork-barrel “earmark” projects.

Now we’re about to see the new Obama administration annual budget. That’s entirely separate from the money we’ve already spent.

The reason Congress is so mad about the AIG bailout and presumed “bonus” payments is that it is NOT “our” money! It is NOT taxpayer money! It is NOT yours and my money!

It’s the Government’s money!

Oh, but you say the government has no money. It’s only able to spend what it brings in from the taxes it collects?

Boy are YOU naive!

The US Treasury announced that it will buy its own securities. Why? Because China is fed up with buying them. We already own China around $1.4 trillion, and just the interest payments alone are in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year range. They’re done, and won’t buy our debt. They won’t lend us more money until we show that we’re responsible and understand how money works.

When you include off-budget money, the US government now owes somewhere in the realm of $60 TRILLION dollars! People say that’s a burden that will be foisted off on our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and generations into the future.

Think so?

Not a chance! The government will just print as much money as the senators and representatives want. And as much money as Mr. Obama wants. When they’ve turned the US dollar into toilet paper, they’ll just announce a new money system. They’ll default on everything, and the hell with what the world thinks.

There’s no possible way in any fantastical delusion that taxpayers can possibly pay back the US debt. Not in any way. The interest alone is more than the entire GDP of the United States! And remember, that Gross Domestic Product is falling! We’re making less and less, producing less and less, and making up the difference with credit cards.

Treasury bills and bonds are an I.O.U. They’re another type of credit card. And we haven’t even begun to hear the costs of national healthcare, cap-and-trade, regulated gasoline and energy, regulated this, regulated that, and massive increases in every existing government program.

No, it’s not taxpayer money! YOUR money vanished long ago! Your money was a tiny drop in the projectile vomit of federal spending. And let’s not forget the utter morons who believe that today’s government is the best we’ve had in ages! They WANT this kind of spending!

Of course few of them actually run a business, own property, or even earn a living. But so what? Who cares? Fiddle-dee-dee, tomorrow’s another day, Scarlett!

Oh, you heard about Congress getting their automatic pay raise, right? Sure, that went through without a hitch. WE, the taxpayers, paid the members of Congress who are doing such a bad job. Is that any different than paying the executives in AIG who actually know something about business?

And remember, YOU have to cut your spending when you don’t have no money left. YOU get told that your credit limit has been reduced from $5,000 to $400. YOU have to pay double the minimum monthly payment. Think that had any effect on wiping out the real-estate market, or bringing on foreclosures?

The nauseating secret is that there IS NO MONEY! When you complain about paying union salaries for automotive workers, or paying Medicare, or paying Social Security, or paying for welfare, poor people, food stamps, what do you mean? Do you mean that you think you’re paying those bills with money you sent in last year in taxes?

That money, the 2007 tax payments might as well have been thrown in the garbage and burned like old leaves. Not one penny of that money is going toward paying for a single damn thing! It was owed long ago. ALL the money you hear about in today’s news? That’s Government money. It’s Monopoly money, because only the US government has the guns and laws in place to be a true monopoly.


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