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March 9, 2009

Is the President Too Big to Fail?

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Rush Limbaugh began the movement calling for President Obama to fail. The response has been that regardless of the election campaigning, voting and political positioning, now that Obama has been elected, he’s “our president.” We’re asked to get behind the president and support him because it represents national unity.

We’re also seeing that half the population is talking about the gloom-and-doom of increasing problems. There’s ongoing prediction regarding the likely results of what will continue to fail or go wrong. I do the same here, speaking about the probable results of what my analysis shows as destructive policies.

The argument against gloom-and-doom is that people would rather wake up each to with an optimistic attitude. We’re told that the stock market has a large emotional component, and that pessimistic feelings are the only reason the DOW is going down. Presumably, if people have a happy attitude, they’ll get back to buying things and investing money.

Okay, but what is happiness or optimism divorced from reality? Isn’t that a psychological pathology?

Another segment of the population believes that too much gloom-and-doom negative thinking will actually reconstruct all of existence. These are the New Age ideologues who proclaim that our mind controls existence. If we think bad thoughts, we’ll create bad things. If we think happy thoughts, we’ll create happy events.

All of these ideas, thoughts, and beliefs come to a focus on the office the president. Many people seem to believe that whatever the president wants to happen will instantly happen.

Conservatives and people who accept an objective reality see no difference between the president and any other leader, authority, or executive manager. There’s no difference between a political party and the Board of Directors for a corporation.

If an administration raids the treasury, takes all the money and makes rules to prevent business, then the logical conclusion is that the company will go out of business. In a corporation, employees don’t have any say in the matter. In America, the voters have a nominal say in the matter. Not much, but some.

Should we send money to GM, Ford and Chrysler no matter what they do with the money? Should we continue to pump more and more cash into companies that have no ideas at all for a return to financial stability?

When someone says we shouldn’t continue to prop up so-called zombie banks, or zombie corporations, is that gloom-and-doom? At what point does an analysis of reality require truthful thought?

The key problem we face today is nearly 60 years of education telling students that analysis is exactly the same thing as opinion. Analysis is based on a feeling of things, exactly the way feelings are based on feelings of things. No thought, no intellect, no critical logic need apply.

We’re told that regardless of what our intellect, logic, and critical analysis tells us, ALL of that is secondary to what we feel in our hearts. Nothing is more important than how we feel about things. All of reality is subject and should be subject to our feelings.

We’re told that the President of the United States is so important, so “big,” and so all-powerful that we can’t possibly allow whomever is that president to fail. What would be the consequences? What would be the results of a failed president?

Why do we have an impeachment clause in the Constitution? Is the President the same as the Pope, ordained and selected by God as His representative on Earth?

If the president signs an executive order mandating that every fourth person should be taken out and shot, would we support that decision? After all, “he’s our president,” and so what if he wants to shoot people? They probably deserve it, somehow. Or they’re filled with gloom-and-doom, and are bad for the economy.

What if the President decides to cancel the Federal Reserve, close Wall Street, and dismantle the military completely? He’s our president, after all, and we should get behind his ideas. We can’t let the president fail, after all, because who knows what would happen!

That’s the point: What would happen if the president fails? The continuance of government would make the Vice President the main executive. And if he failed? Then we’d move on down the line.

For eight years, Democrats have foamed at the mouth and gone absolutely ballistic in their rabid fits demanding that President George Bush fail. They’ve done everything in their power, and the mainstream press has done everything in their collective power to make the president fail. Why?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has clearly and absolutely stated that he will do everything in his power to bomb Israel out of existence, and totally demolish the United States of America. He’s their president, the people of Iran. Should we get behind him because he’s their president? Should be support Ahmadinejad because he’s too big to fail?

Let’s give Ahmadinejad’s a chance to work. “Who knows,” they may be the best thing for the world. And if they aren’t so good, we can always go back and try something else, right?


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