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February 24, 2009

Let’s Talk about Sustainable Energy

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Are you a fan of the ubiquitous Green movement? Do you like the Norwegian plan of having no nuclear power plants, and keeping the environment pure? Do you think we should go back a couple of hundred years to a time before cars were polluting the world? How about going back thousands of years before human beings even existed?

Hey, how ’bout that meteor strike that wiped out the dinosaurs? Talk about an environmental issue! If only there’d been more ozone surrounding the atmosphere, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

What about the emerging reports that tell us the Amazon jungle new growth and regeneration are so much more rapid than expected, nobody could have foreseen it. And what about the misplaced sensor that “forgot” to notice an area of Arctic ice as large as the entire state of California? Probably enough room for a couple families of polar bears in that ice, right?

Ah, but it isn’t the green this and green that! It’s the sustainability of the processes we have. Modern technology isn’t sustainable. It uses up resources, and will kill us all. We’re using up the resources that ought to be there for our children, and our children’s children, and their grandkids. If only we could see the light, learning how to use sustainable this and that, then life would be wonderful.

What about a frickin’ sustainable economy?! Who’s talking about THAT!? What about the massive debt we’ve just created, that we’ll hand off to who-knows-how-many generations of kids? Not our problem, of course. It’s much more important that we focus on the big issues right now, bailing out those air-pollutin’ cars nobody wants or uses.

Maybe you’re a fan of the zero population growth movement, where we should stop having a human race at all? If you are and you don’t have kids, then more power to you. Good luck on that sustainable movement! See you and your movement in 80 years. If you have kids, then you’re a hypocrite of the worst kind.

People are here. Technology improves life. Deal with it!

In the 1890s, when America was powered by coal and wood, Chicago was so black with cinders and smoke, you often couldn’t see for the length of a city block. The stench of the slaughter houses was enough to be effective all the way to Indiana. Raw sewage was dumped into the streets, rivers, and lakes, just like it is in all Third-world countries today. Like in Mexico, China, Africa, and South America.

It was technology that cleaned up the air, cleaned up the sewage, cleaned up the water, and brought an end to things like cholera, typhoid, tetanus, and even malaria. At least malaria was gone until environmentalists decided that DDT was a cancerous killer. Is there proof of that? No, so now we have millions of people in Africa dying of malaria again.

Good. Less population, right? And who made that decision? The environmentalists.

Y’know what it takes to make a better work? Money! And y’know why people create money? Capitalism! Want a sustainable environment, or sustainable home, or sustainable car, or sustainable medical system? Then first you need a sustainable economy! That means helping people form businesses, not wiping them out!

The Soviet Union is a great example of a sustainable economy. People were forced to work for the State, with zero incentive to do a damn thing. That lasted all of 80 years, and now it’s been wiped out. China didn’t offer any incentives to anyone for anything. Then one day they allowed peasants to actually own the land they farmed, and keep some of the produce. Isn’t that amazing! Suddenly China became the latest, greatest example of a shining economy.

Mr. Obama, at the spearhead of liberal evolution, is doing his best to provide progressives with exactly what they want. No economy, no money, no capitalism, no energy, no jobs, no development, no nuthin’…! Oh, and while he’s doing that, the Norwegians have gotten sick and tired of sitting in the dark, freezing their butts off above the Arctic circle. So they’ve announced a new plan to start building nuclear power plants.

Next time anyone mentions sustainable planet, then they sure better be including a sustainable economy, as far as I’m concerned!


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