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February 24, 2009

Obama’s Historic Dream Speech to Congress

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The evening of February 24, 2009, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress, including just about everyone with any power or authority in Washington. A couple of days before the president brings out his new spending budget, he intended to talk with the American people about how we’re going to get out of this mess we’re in. The only problem is that the speech mostly talked about dreams and hopes, without much discussion of cause and effect.

That’s alright, though. Most people in today’s world don’t understand the principle of cause and effect. That’s because cause and effect are a function of reality, and most people don’t care much for reality. Reality isn’t fair, it’s harsh, it’s tough, it judges, it doesn’t forgive, it shows no remorse, and could care less about anyone at all. Reality isn’t a person. It has no mind or conscience. It simply is reality.

Most of the nation has lost touch with reality. We know that, and have known it for half a century. School reforms began almost 100 years ago, with a temporary moratorium declared for the Baby Boom generation. In those few years around the mid-1960s, education went back to the old ways of teaching reading, writing, math, and science. But within a decade it all went away, and we went back to the reforms.

Included in those reforms were outcome-based education, massive spending on school administration (not teachers), zero accountability, the end of actual grade systems, an elimination of competition (grading on a curve), and an increase in political indoctrination taking place in colleges and universities.

Congress, the President, the Administration and politicians, have no connection in any way whatsoever with what happens in our school systems. Instead, the tenure system and academic self-management systems control what goes on in our schools. Obama tells us that within a minute or two, “he” promises that America will have more college and high-school graduates than ever before.

Fine; but will they have graduated simply because teachers handed them an empty diploma? Or will those graduates know how to spell, read, write, talk, converse, think, analyze, and invent? Who prevents the current college kids from choosing a school based on how much partying it offers? Where’s the grade system that penalizes laziness or ignorance? How do we know that a child is even capable of performing anything at a college level?

The answer is to lower the concept and benchmarks associated with “college level” education.

When President Obama announced that he had inherited a massive budget deficit, the majority Democrats of the audience erupted into orgasmic applause. Those sanctimonious, pious, self-righteous sleaze-bags, many of whom (if not most) have been devoting their entire lives to simply being re-elected, should be jailed!

Who the hell created the deficits we have today? Who refinanced the national debt and began selling it as securities to the Chinese, Russians, Europeans, Saudis, and everyone else on the planet? Who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act that allowed any bank into the investment and securities casino? Who’s been throwing billions and billions of dollars out the window on pork, earmarks, and crap?


It wasn’t George Bush who created this fiasco, it was the entire combination of Democrats and Republicans, spearheaded by the several presidents we’ve had, but enacted into law by congress! Yes, the war on terrorism and our response to the 9/11 bombings created deficits. But not on their own. We already were broke before any of that.

What about that war in Iraq that Congress wants to end? When Obama said he was done with it, once again the phony blowhards vomited out their cheers and flapped their fat hands in applause. Obama says he doesn’t like fighting over there for no reason, and we should concentrate on Pakistan and Afghanistan where the terrorists actually do their planning.

Well how the hell did they get to Afghanistan and Pakistan? It’s because we threw their sorry asses out of Iraq! Before we invaded Iraq, the terrorist thugs pretty much ran the country! That was where they made the plans to destroy the West. The successful war in Iraq CAUSED the move to Pakistan and Iraq! If we walk out of Iraq, they’ll just come right back and plan things closer to home. (Home would be Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Libia…you know the drill.)

Obama wants to “reform” health care, as if it’s broken. He claims that the skyrocketing costs of health care are what drive corporations overseas. How did those costs get out of hand? By government intervention demanding that everyone have free health care. By Medicare “consultants” preventing free-market pricing and denying payments of more than about 40% of submitted bills.

Tort lawyers and the massive lobby for trial attorneys have made doctors and hospitals so paranoid about being sued into bankruptcy that doctors now perform every possible test on every possible patient, no matter what. Paying for transient care (those who can’t afford the hospital bill) means transferring costs to those who can pay. Insurance companies raise their rates, and the government charges more and more payroll tax.

There isn’t a damn thing wrong with health care! What’s wrong is the way we charge for and pay for health care. And who is directly responsible? The Congress! They CAUSED the problems over the past 50 years, and now they want to spend more money, do more regulating, and get more involved.

Mr. Obama pointed to the EFFECTS of over-spending, debt-financing, and government interference and claimed those are the Causes! In a perfectly Orwellian magic act, he explained that everything that has happened didn’t really happen. Then he went on to explain that in order to stop the problem from getting worse, we should increase the causes of the problem exponentially.

It’s simply stunning! How does the American public accept any of this?

Oh…I forgot! It’s because the dumbing down of America in our schools has graduated generations of people too uneducated to understand language! And since a few escape, here and there, and manage to graduate with a mind, we need to overcome those numbers! We need to graduate MORE numbskulls, in order to “compete” with the rest of the world. So we’ll just reduce the graduating requirements. If you perform any kind of community service, you graduate.

All tax cuts will now end. No more terrorists are allowed to plot against the country. Mr. Obama said we will “not allow” terrorists to continue plotting the destruction of the country. Nor will we allow corporations to hand off their expenses to the consumers. Those expenses are the cost of increasing taxes and regulations.

Not allowed!

Hmm…so what, the terrorists will have to take a time out? Will we count, 1…2…3… and when we reach 5 make them sit in a corner? What kind of vacuous, simple-minded garbage is this man trying to put over on us? And of course the fatheaded jackasses sitting on the floor of the Capitol swooned with ecstasy over this revelation.

Last but not least, the Messiah promised a cure for cancer within his term! I’m sure we’ll see Obama walk out to the Reflecting Pool and either walk its length without getting wet, or simply part the waters and walk the distance.

Bottom line: We’re going to graduate more students, somehow. We’re going to stop passing the debt on to our children and their children. We’re not going to allow any more terrorism. We’re going to all get an increase in our credit card limits. We’re going to all get new loans for whatever we want. We’re going to have cradle-to-grave health care.

And at the same time we’re going to stimulate entrepreneurs and small business. We’re going to stop spending money. We’re going to get more energy. Oh…! That’s another good one! We’ve spent all this money on energy, but somehow we import more oil than ever before? How come we didn’t hear about 50 years of instant cancellation of ALL plans to become energy self-sufficient? Where are the nuclear power plants and new oil wells?

It’s a beautiful world.


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  1. The speech was great.
    I wish they didn’t clap so many times and for so long.
    got kindle?

    Comment by gotkindle — February 25, 2009 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

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