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February 22, 2009

What’s Wrong with Sweden and Socialism?

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Taxes are going up, the economy is going down. We have bank problems, and corporations are filled with greed. Capitalism itself is under attack being totally confused with profiteering, which isn’t the same thing. And liberals everywhere ask, “What’s wrong with socialism? Sweden is succeeding just fine!”

It’s true. Sweden has the highest taxes in the world, but they’re doing quite well. At least if you read the papers and check out the glowing reports from the media. It reminds me of the early 1990s, when economists everywhere pointed to Japan as the next super-successful world economy. Oddly enough, without any expectations, Japan collapsed. We now hear about the “lost decade” of Japan’s total stagnation.

Sweden sounds great. People have benefits for their entire lives. Everybody seems to have money to spend on things to make life more pleasant. They’re business-friendly, part of the global economy, and the money system seems to be working.

But Sweden is also a small country, about the same size as the state of California. They spend nothing on military defense, and rely totally on NATO and the US in the event of an invasion.

What about the immigrants coming into the country? Almost every worker in Sweden is part of a union. Those union contracts may be a bit more reasonable than in the US, but they’re nearly airtight. If you’re an immigrant, you rarely stand a chance working anywhere.

Government figures currently show Sweden’s unemployment rate at about 6%. But economists believe the true unemployment rate, not counting immigrants, is closer to 18%. Why? Because nobody cares about work. Why should they? The government is going to take care of them for their entire lives. Reports indicate that the unemployment rate of immigrants is perhaps three times higher than the general population.

Meanwhile, where would new jobs come from? Who would develop those businesses that would hire immigrants? Why, it would be the entrepreneurs starting up small businesses. Unfortunately, there’s almost no incentive to work at all, much less start a new business. Why bother? If you have a job, you’re set for life. If not, you become invisible.

Lots of people point to the Amish communities around the United States, saying that these too, are an excellent example of how religious values generate a solid economy. But who spends the money to protect those communities from anyone who disagrees with the religion? How much better would our lives be if we didn’t have to spend a dime on any kind of military at all?

The Swedish economy is starting to crack, just as did the Norwegian economy. No matter what, Norway said it wouldn’t go into nuclear energy and power. It wasn’t environmentally friendly. Now, with the country running out of energy, it seems Norway has announced they’ll be starting a program to build nuclear power plants.

Take a country the size of the United States, and factor in the utter lack of any kind of immigration management. Build in the influx of illegal immigrants, then hand over benefits to all of them. Who pays for that? Just like in Sweden, a whole lot of small business owners are getting damn sick-and-tired of having to fork over half their revenues in taxes.

So sure. Let’s be socialists like Sweden. After all, there’s no real difference (in theory) between the entire United States and a small country where 15% of the land-mass is above the Arctic circle. What do we need with incentives to work? Who cares? We don’t even need to worry about where the money comes from.

In fact, the Detroit auto-workers have showed us the way to union contracts for everything. After all, if you’re here in America and you have a job, why the hell should we care about anyone new who’d like to live here? Ya snooze, ya loose, and if they’d wanted to be part of a union, they should’ve come here earlier. Right?

Yeah, socialism is great! Just look at how well Eastern Europe is doing. And England is doing just fine, except for the immigration problem. New York is doing the same, and they love immigrants. So does California.

On the other hand, if we could just terminate all this military nonsense, and have people sit down and talk with each other, I’m sure we’d all just get along. No need to spend the bazillions of dollars on weapons and soldiers. And with socialism the world “norm,” who would want to fight with greedy capitalists anymore? There wouldn’t be any, so even the Islamic fundamentalists would have to concede that the world is an excellent place. A beautiful world.


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