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February 21, 2009

When Will This All End?

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I heard a commercial on the radio today for a company that helps students get better grades. It begins with this: “Do you want to be a parent who’s lucky enough to have a student with good grades?” Eurooo?!….! Lucky? When did the process of acquiring knowledge become random luck?

We live in a strange time of history. For more than 50 years we’ve been told that individual families and the way we handle our money is entirely different from how the government works. We’ve been told that a government can do whatever it wants with debt because…nobody knows. It’s a mystery, and only economists understand the logic.

Along the way, we were introduced to credit cards and debt financing. We were given the concept of insurance for everything, no matter what. We were told that when we get something paid for by insurance, it’s “free.” Another major commercial tries to sell us a mobile chair, which can be paid for by Medicare. We’re told that it’s free!

Out of all this, there’s a one basic thing that applies to individuals and not to anyone else: accountability!

If you do a bad job at work, or you’re incompetent, you get fired. Okay, it’s true that nowadays, even that’s under discussion. You might not be fired because the government might prevent anyone from getting fired. Certainly, if you work for that government it’s almost impossible to get fired. No matter how bad a job you do, or how incompetent.

But in all situations other than our individual lives, nobody gets fired for anything. We’ve spent trillions and trillions of dollars, and nobody’s getting fired. Not a single banker, financier, corporate executive, or government politician is being fired. Only a few companies are going out of business — very few, but nothing major is being changed at all!

Today, the nations governors all got together to sign off on the new spending package. All of them, without fail, told us that they’re going to be careful custodians of the public trust. They’re going to be very responsible with this money. They’re going to really do a good job, focusing on responsible spending of the funds.

Just like a heroin junkie or crack addict! Just like an alcoholic who promises to stop drinking. Just like the wife-beater who promises to change. Just like every brain-addled addict throughout all of history!

How many times have you caught your child doing something wrong. They know there’s a clear punishment attached to their behavior, and they tell you they’re sorry. They’ll never never never ever do it again! Just don’t punish them. We see it in police work all the time. Criminals perpetrate the most heinous crimes and the police catch them. The criminals tell us they’ll never ever ever ever do it again, if only they could be let go.

“Remorse” (the feeling of being sorry for one’s actions) is now more important than accepting consequences. Victims don’t matter at all. What counts is that a promise never to do the wrong ever again is sufficient. That’s our State Department’s international diplomatic policy.

We, the people, are being brutalized and robbed. We’re being blackmailed, beaten into the ground, and financially ruined. We’re being lied to, cheated, and terrorized. But that’s okay, things will “change.” It won’t happen again. Not ever. And most importantly, the people wrecking our lives feel remorse.

When will this end? It won’t. Not until the people who caused all this get fired. For individuals, those who spent thousands of dollars in credit-card debt, they’ll go bankrupt.

When you or I go bankrupt, we lose pretty much everything. We lose our credibility. We have to pay many consequences, and eventually we start over. We have to restructure our entire lifestyle, our expectations, and re-think our actions and goals. It’s horrible, it leads to guilt and shame, and we go through real pain as we deal with the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility.

Not a single executive or politician has to deal with similar consequences. And so, nothing will change. We’ll drive this economic plane right into the ground. Not only that, we’ll drive the plane into the ground at full speed, without even thinking about touching the brakes!

The person who loses their job because upper management blithely ruined the entire company is a consequence. Is that person a loser? Were they an irresponsible homeowner? No, of course not! It’s possible they may have lived beyond their means to an extent, but generally not to an irrational extent!

All around the country, and even around the world, individuals are having to bear the brunt of executive and political incompetence, criminality, and destruction. It will continue until someday, somewhere over the rainbow, those who are causing the problem are held accountable.

Don’t count on that happening any time soon!


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