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February 21, 2009

Racism, Partisanship and Patriotism

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We’ve been seeing a growing problem over the past 30 years. It first came to our attention with so-called political correctness (PC). In an effort to split the society, many clever people have followed the tried-and-true rule of “divide and conquer.”

Along the way, underlying meaning for words and concepts was corrupted by another insidious tool called modern linguistics. This came out of something called the deconstructionist movement. It basically proposes that words have no meaning in and of themselves. Therefore, we assign meaning to words. And, indeed that’s true at the highest level of organized language.

But the next step in the argument is that each individual person, therefore, assigns meaning to each word they learn. As such, nobody can really say what someone means. All we can do is interpret what someone says, and hope that they can explain their thoughts in a way that “feels” legitimate.

Taken together, we’ve removed the entire concept of philosophy. Oh, and by the way, we also removed all meaning from anything, and reduced everything to a hopeful guess. Nothing is certain, nobody knows what they’re talking about, and nothing means anything permanent at all.

It’s all everyone’s individual opinion…no matter how educated or stupid that opinion might be. And all opinions are equally valid.

An “ism” means an extensive body of thought leading to a way of life. So “racism” means a way of life founded on a belief that one race of people is superior to all other races. When that sense of superiority includes government regulation, laws, rules, and guns, we end up with slavery or genocide.

Racism does NOT mean that any kind of logical disagreement with the meaning of words and sentences is a way of life! The simple utterance of the FACT that some people are black, white, asian, or hispanic has nothing whatsoever to do with a way of life.

Excepting in one particular! Logic and using logic to think is a way of living! And logic includes argument, disagreement, propositions, tenets, counter-arguments, premises and all manner of tools that seem to be vanishing.

Partisanship means a dogged, nearly mindless adherence to the platform of a political party. It means no critical thinking, no analysis, no disagreement, no nothing. It means only following the slogans of the party, regardless of how reasonable or unreasonable.

To disagree with a liberal statement does NOT instantly mean someone is partisan!

Nor does it mean that someone is unpatriotic when they disagree with someone else’s statement (without any backup logic) that something is good for “the country!”

It’s simply mind-boggling to see the increasing number of people who have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for any form of reasonable disagreement. The most blatant generalities founded on nothing at all must be accepted as true. Otherwise, anyone who disagrees is a racist, or a partisan, or unpatriotic.

Each of these “isms” used to require a lifetime of history, culture, background, philosophy, and organized ritual in order to become a way of life. A racist doesn’t just “disagree” with someone of another race; they simply don’t accept that the other person is human.

We hear that some moron in Washington had his feelings hurt because statistics show that states with large black populations also hold that the current stimulus package is wrong. He considers this disagreement from the governors of Mississippi, Georgia and whatever other states to be “racist.”

Do you disagree?

Then you’re a bloggist! Or wait…maybe you’re an elitist! Hm…what about a “wordist?” I guess we’ll have to come up with an “ism.” Oh, but wait…! We already have one! An antistructuralist!


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