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February 17, 2009

The Mystery of Telemarketing and Voters

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Pretty much everyone I know and have ever known, at some point has this conversation. We talk with some friends and ask if they’ve ever bought anything from a telemarketer. In all cases, the answer is no. Same with the “do not call list.” Everyone wanted it, millions of people signed up, and so there’s obviously a major upset with telemarketers.

And yet, telemarketing continues and grows.

Equally obvious is the fact that if telemarketing is such a horrible and failed idea, it wouldn’t be growing and continuing. Someone must be making money with it, and there must be a lot of money to be made.

Meanwhile, here in Illinois we have constant scandals and political sleaze. Previous Gov. Blagojevich was involved in all sorts of scandals during his first term, and everyone was pretty familiar with the problems. Yet when he came up for re-election, not only did he win another term, he won by a comfortable margin.

Even in my own district, which is generally a fairly conservative area, somehow the liberal and Democrat won. We recently had a conservative congressman leave office due to retirement. He put his efforts behind a conservative Republican, someone who ran their own large (and well-known) business.

The Democrat opponent has all kinds of problems and political crony-ism in his background, yet he won. It’s not enough to say he came in on the coattails of Republican scandal or disenchantment. Or is it? Will people vote for no reason at all other than the party name? Maybe that’s the problem.

So who the heck is voting for these people? Who’s paying the telemarketers? Who are the people who routinely produce low ratings for good TV shows on the Nielsen ratings?

Do we really have a major, hidden demographic of the population who nobody knows? I mean, come on…how many people really are there in the backwoods mountains?

It sure is a mystery, that’s for sure!

One thing, though: If these people continue to send the same politicians back to Washington or the state legislature, then they (and we) deserve exactly what we’re getting. California, New York, Michigan, and now Kansas have got all kinds of money pouring into their coffers.

How come they’re declaring a financial crisis, yet offering zero spending cuts? Why haven’t we EVER heard a news story anywhere announcing the end of a particular government program? If you and I run out of money, there’s no question we absolutely have to stop spending or reduce spending. Otherwise, we lose everything.

How come the government never loses anything? They take the money, increase the taxes, take more money, get caught in sleazebag manipulations, and yet they get voted in again, time after time. Even accounting for double voting, illegal voting, and so forth, there still are too many voters who WANT this kind of thing!

More power to them, then. As they AA people so cleverly say: Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting!


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