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February 17, 2009

How Did We Get Into This Situation?

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It’s less than 30 days since Mr. Obama was inaugurated and the economy continues downward. The administration is consolidating power with appointments, yet scandals erupt everywhere, every day. Wit a trillion-dollar spending package, the country is ripped in half over whether it’s the right move or not. And the stock market numbers continue downward. How did we get into such a miserable economic condition like this?

Is this economic downturn just part of the normal cycles of economics? Was it only a problem with the real estate lending practices, or the banks playing games with securities? No, there are certain basic principles we’ve put in place that have been working on all this for half a century:

  • A lifetime political class, made up of people who’ve done nothing other than remain in office forever. Their only interests are getting re-elected, gathering power and influence, and accumulating wealth.
  • The idea of debt financing, along with the proposition that when a government spends debt that’s okay, but when a citizen accumulates debt, that’s not okay.
  • Advertising and marketing tactics designed to tell us that instant gratification is a viable way to live.
  • A concerted effort on the part of liberal hippies, growing out of the 1960s, to take control of the education system and dim down critical analysis, objective thinking, conservative thought and overall knowledge.

Of all the things that have led to our situation, the interaction between life-time politicians, no accountability, and a population too ignorant to understand what’s happening are the worst.


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