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February 14, 2009

Obama Scores Early Victory of Historic Proportions

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By Michael D. Shear and Alec MacGillis
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, February 14, 2009; Page A09

CHICAGO, Feb. 13 — Twenty-four days into his presidency, Barack Obama recorded last night a legislative achievement of the sort that few of his predecessors achieved at any point in their tenure.

In size and scope, there is almost nothing in history to rival the economic stimulus legislation that Obama shepherded through Congress in just over three weeks. And the result — produced largely without Republican participation — was remarkably similar to the terms Obama’s team outlined even before he was inaugurated: a package of tax cuts and spending totaling about $775 billion.

(Full article …)

This is a perfect example of a “swing premise.” The Washington Post seems to feel (operative word) that this massive spending package is a victory. Not only that, the speed with which it was foisted on the American public is a brilliant example of the total adulation of Mr. Obama.

Additionally, we’re told that the sheer size of the addition to our debt is something to admire!

In many ways, if this were a story about you and me, it would be like hearing that we’d been approved for a home loan. The home would be valued at $3-million, and our income would be at around $80,000/year. The Washington Post would call this a reason to celebrate! We’d pulled one over on the banks, and who cares whether we can repay the loan?

This week’s loan, in addition to the TARP loan added to the deficit in November is indeed historic. In coming years, historians, economists, analysts, and anyone who used to have a job will look back on these few months with wonder. This will be marked in the history books as the moment when America collapsed.

To write about such an utterly destructive piece of congressional theft as a triumph demonstrates the flat-out feeble-mindedness of what we have to deal with in modern-day journalism. These staff writers, presumably under the management of Michael D. Shear, must be graduates from our fine institutions of higher learning. Only with a college degree could anyone be as utterly blinded to reality!

Mark these words well, and make a note of the many news proclamations. This is the moment when America went bankrupt. These are the loans that have now smashed the US economy into inevitable failure. In the coming months of 2009 as the unemployment rate skyrockets, deflation comes into effect, companies go bankrupt, and tax increases become an everyday common experience, you’ll know why.

Sadly, people like Mr. Shear will never be held accountable for their despicable part in the entire calamity! How the United States went from a super power to a near third-world economy will be written about for hundreds of years. Journalists and television pundits will vanish, not even minor footnotes in the history books. Yet they were integral to the ruination of the country.



  1. Mark these words well, and make a note of the many news proclamations. This is the moment when America went bankrupt.

    You certainly have that right. Anyone who believes that this so called “Stimulus Package” has to be a complete idiot. I heard that one of the things that is suppose to help is a one time $15,000 credit for first time buyers. Since the banks are not loaning money I can see where this would really help, NOT. The list goes on and on.

    The liberals wanted change and they are certainly getting that. After all of this we will be lucky to have any change in our pockets.

    With what was already owed before this package our total now is 1 trillion dollars. The check is in the mail:)

    Comment by Kathy — February 14, 2009 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

  2. Keep in mind that in less than only one, single month, the new one-party regime has wiped out the entire United States financial reserves. That’s some “change” for folks to enjoy.

    Comment by Punchinello — February 14, 2009 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

  3. Smh, look at these optimistic comments posted so quickly. The same exact thing would have been done by any repub. president who took office, I don’t see the difference. Of course they all had an issue with it, now that they don’t have to make the decision. This was going to come either way. As oppossed to anticipating failure, let’s aim to just support what you have. He’s your president now, all of YOU voted for him. So if he fails, you fail. And then China and North Korea are going to come over here and kick our asses. Ha. Hope The Arab Emirates decides to keep it friendly, we’ve been over there killing them off for almost a decade. Thanks Cheney/Bush Sr.

    Comment by Revolutionary — February 23, 2009 @ 1:35 am | Reply

  4. Revolutionary,
    You, like countless other people fail to understand that conservatives have no relation anymore, in any way with so-called Republicans. There may be a few political Republicans who are more conservative than political, but they’re the rare exception.

    You’re right that this spending would have happened under either watch, and seeing Mr. McCain these days, everything every conservative said about him prior to the election holds true to course. It no longer is a question of “if” the president will fail, it’s guaranteed. And yes, when America collapses under the weight of actual reality, so too will the rest of the world collapse.

    If you believe only China or North Korea are a threat, then you’ve been paying no attention at all to the Islamist extremists and fundamentalists. But it’s more likely you’ve been so trapped in the brainless slogans of blaming Bush and Cheney, there hasn’t been time to actually examine or study reality.

    None of it matters at this point because we’re in the final glide-path into the face of the mountain of history and real-world consequences. What will happen could have been avoided. But through ignorance, lack of education, lost critical thinking, and a desire to live in needle-point cliches, it won’t be avoided. You, along with all the rest of us will now have to face the consequences.

    Comment by Punchinello — February 24, 2009 @ 12:59 am | Reply

  5. Hm.. It appears the place I originally posted, I was not able to return from that computer (My work computer) I hope you did not disable my ISP address. McCain, I have respect for. Him trying to bring Palin to the table, the rebuttal to Hilary, was completely ridiculous, and I would have migrated out of the country immediately had she been placed in any form of national office. You really shouldn’t have such a high fear of Islam, aside from us being over there dephiling their women, using their resources, and killing their children. All over religion. SMH! We’re Christian, got it. Everybody knows! Who cares. Let’s just go build some piece of land and call it Israel in the middle of the territory where nobody agrees with this certain religion, and oo wait! Let’s give them a fraction of the nuclear power that we have ourselves! (10,000 nukes though? Lol, really? What in the hell do we need all of that for? An alien counter-resistance?) I could go on all day. I understand you are conservative, and that’s cool. But just be real. And yes, I do think you should be scared of one of those asian countries, if we left the muslim ones alone, they wouldn’t be worried about none of this catholic BS we have going on here (Christianity, Pope, same thing) We will get some real life real soon, and yes, we all will have to face the consequences. The question is, who will be more prepared? If you are afraid of the “Islamist extremists”, then you are probably going to be facing in the wrong direction when the big blast goes off.

    Comment by Revolutionary — February 25, 2009 @ 1:48 am | Reply

  6. The problem we’re having at this time in history is exactly the issue of “real.” You say that you understand I’m a conservative, “but let’s be real.”

    At the fundamental level, right down to the bedrock of basic assumptions, conservatives and liberals disagree on the very nature of reality. From that level, nothing at all matches and there is no possibility of compromise or agreement.

    No civilization can continue long with that level of split, and so we’ve reached the end of the line. America has voted in a liberal administration from top to bottom. We now will experience government through that process, those assumptions, and the belief that reality isn’t an objective environment.

    The two basic issues at stake in our historic time are reality and theology (religion). Since we’ve chosen not to work them out reasonably, we now will work them out by direct interaction. As a conservative, I say that the consequences of thinking such as yours will be catastrophic. Obviously, you say the exact same thing about my thinking.

    As Ayn Rand often said, “In an irreconcilable argument between to basic positions, reality itself will be the final arbitrator.” We can only hope the world will survive.

    Comment by Punchinello — February 25, 2009 @ 4:01 pm | Reply

  7. Yes, it does appear we are at a stand-still, as far as conservatives and liberals go, but where do you think it will go from here? Do you think we will still be meddling and having these media debaucheries within the next 4-6 months? Hopefully not. It is sad that despite the significance of the issues mentioned (reality, and theology) we aren’t able to even attempt to come to some common consensus, or even as a whole people, and not the filthy rich elite, who all share common views (despite what they say, and this stretches abroad the “U.N” in one form or another) and man-handle these issues with blunt, and blinding force. I hope the world does survive, but things are getting really ugly when they don’t need to, a bunch of ignorant people (on both sides of the political dug-outs) and not enough time to help the cattle drink, as they have been led to the water long before, and their functions are meager.

    Comment by Revolutionary — March 5, 2009 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

  8. I intend to write a post about a fascinating book, The Fourth Turning. The authors studied an 80-year cycle, going back 500 years and show that what we’re dealing with today not only has been done before, but was so common that they predicted almost exactly what’s happening today. Only they predicted it in the early 1990s, pointing to 2005 as the start of the next cycle.

    Join that to the turn of a century, then join those two cycles to the end of an astrological age (2,000 years), and I think we’re going to see a final convergence that will fundamentally change mankind’s view of reality, spirituality, and socialization (civilization).

    I think we’ll have even more polarization, leading to fragmentation and that will last probably for about 5 or so years. Then a major war, which also happens on a regular and cyclical basis. It’ll be a world-type war, and probably will this time involve nuclear exchanges in the Middle East, and probably India-Pakistan.

    Much the way the entire world and geopolitical organization totally changed following WWI and WWII, with WWII being mostly a continuation of WWI, I think so too the world we see by around 2020-2025 will be totally different from what we see today. That’ll be the start of the next cycle, the so-called First Turning. It’ll be a time for rebuilding, invention, advancement, progress, and really new ideas.

    Comment by Punchinello — March 6, 2009 @ 1:48 am | Reply

  9. Yes, I completely agree, history does repeat itself. People think these events unfolding are just randomly assigned and such forth, I would even go as far as to say that the big war you speak of happening, with the nuclear decimation in the middle east, is also planned somehow.. The network of our presidents (33 out of 44 of them have been Masons) and the bloodlines are too well preserved, a lot of symbolism and hierarchy.. I am expecting to see some advancement and progress soon, as a lot of these car companies that have been around for so long are shutting down shop, I know they will be replaced, and even something as minor as that will be very interesting because these will be the new companies of the time. I do also agree with the idea that there will be a turn of reality and spirituality, reality, but what is taking so long exactly? I say we are getting closer, I think there will be some wave of enlightenment even as 2012 approaches, as this will become a big deal as the time nears. The Japanese and Dutch government are “preparing” for it, whatever that means. They didn’t give any details. As well as the Norweigan, if I’m not mistaken. So I’m looking for some slap of reality really soon.

    Comment by Revolutionary — March 7, 2009 @ 7:06 pm | Reply

  10. LOL! “What’s taking so long?” 🙂 It’s taken 2,000 years already! What’s a few more decades?

    But seriously, each “turning” of an 80-year cycle lasts approximately 20-25 years. A “seculum” is approximately 80 years because it captures all four basic generations within a long lifetime. We came through the third turning—third generation—in the 1990s. These would be the grandchildren of the World War II generation.

    At that time, the fourth turning (great grandchildren) would be coming of age around 2005. That’s what makes a “turn.” It’s the coming of age of a generation. What’s unusual nowadays is that we actually have five generations, not four, since people live longer.

    The fourth part of the seculum we’re living begins around 2005, moving along until around 2025. So although 2012 is interesting, and lots of people are considering if it might have special supernatural significance, it’s something we’ll have to wait to see. On the other hand, the turning of the generations is so similar, over so many years, it’s more likely that we’ll simply follow the same patterns.

    Comment by Punchinello — March 8, 2009 @ 1:46 am | Reply

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