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February 6, 2009

The Diabolical Liberal Extortion Argument

We conservatives are getting slammed left and right, and that doesn’t mean politically. It means that having lost the Republican party as a helpful vehicle, we’re now without political representation. That doesn’t mean we’re finished as a foundation, it only means we’re stuck on the sidelines watching as the current political structure implodes.

And how is that happening? It’s taken half a century at least, but in the past few decades, with dumber students coming out of the school system, the problem has accelerated.

It begins with a set of events that reach near inevitability. That, or perhaps a very high probability. The events must be a problem, something that will cause difficulties, pain, or loss in a group of people. That group usually will be a special-interest group, like a minority ethnic culture, or economic class. It can also be a cultural sub-group.

The key is that an event is about to happen, and that it will be a problem.

Where liberals are geniuses at rhetoric and sophistry, they simply ignore ANY cause of that approaching event. In many cases, they and their politicians have caused the event to happen. In other cases, they’ve prevented rational people from acting to prevent the event itself.

The next step is to totally ignore and deny that any human being was a cause of the coming event. If possible, they try to blame it on Nature or on nothing at all other than bad luck.

Following the removal of cause and effect, liberals then propose a solution. That solution always is designed to move the socialist agenda forward. They know it, conservatives know it, rational and reasoning minds know it. The only people who don’t know it are the mindless fools of the common population.

When they propose the solution, anyone who tries to argue with it are then labeled as causing the event to happen.

Example: The collapse of the US economy has been predicted for at least 50 years. Over-spending by the government, massive consumer debt, inflated “bubble” prices for securities, and an out-of-balance foreign exchange have made it inevitable. The economy was (and is) going to collapse.

Liberals have been at the heart of many of the regulations and laws that have made the problem worse. Where they weren’t involved, Republican “moderates” have stepped in to add their fuel to the fires. Academics and teachers have removed analytic thought and critical thinking from the school system, and the overall journalism process has ignored any reporting of what’s taking place.

Now that the collapse is about to happen, liberals tell us that they have a solution. It’s a horrible solution, pouring gasoline on a fire! But anyone who tries to argue is held up for public flogging. “If you don’t go along, YOU will be the cause of an economic collapse! It will be on YOUR shoulders, not ours!”

There’s no way to win. No argument will stand because the majority of the population doesn’t understand cause and effect anymore. Reality is no different from an illusion, and facts no longer matter. Truth and facts are functions of an objective reality. Without an objective reality, there aren’t any facts and there isn’t any truth.

If anyone disagrees with the so-called stimulus packages coming from Washington, and if they try to stop those packages from taking place, the liberals “wash their hands of the problem.” It becomes those nay-sayers who now “cause” the collapse.

It’s as if there’s an arsonist who’s placed a timed incendiary bomb in an office building. They know the bomb is set to go off in 2 days. They then call the fire department and tell them that unless the government pays the arsonist $10-million, a major building will go up in flames and people will die.

If the fire department tries to find the bomb, or warns against paying the blackmail, the arsonist then goes public. “Hey, I happen to know a skyscraper is going to burn, and I’m trying to do everything in my power to prevent that. But the mayor and city fire department are trying to stop me! If they don’t do something soon, people will be killed and the building will collapse in a pile of rubble. Do you people want that?”

And that’s where we stand in America, circa 2009. We have, by the grace of utter stupidity on the part of at least half the voting population, a gang of thugs in Washington. They’re extorting trillions of dollars in slush-fund money, pork-barrel spending, and paying off their cronies on Wall Street. They’ve caused the laws, rules, and regulations to ruin the economy and America itself.

When anyone stands up and says they’re not going to pay the blackmail, the Washington crowd goes to the media. “Hey, we’re trying to prevent a major crisis here, and nobody’s helping! Those damn conservative Republicans WANT the economy to implode! If they didn’t, why aren’t they voting for our stimulus bills?”

Alright. Then let them win. Let them pass all these bills. Let them destroy the economy. Let them try to convert America to a socialist country. At that point, it won’t matter anymore. Either the idiots who voted for it will wake up, or they won’t. If they don’t, then we won’t have a country anymore.

But if we can’t stop it, and we can’t prevent these spending sprees and the looting of the Treasury, we won’t have a country anyway.


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