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January 8, 2009

It’s a Frickin’ War, fer Cryin’ Out Loud!

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Headlines, news stories, wire reports, pundits, and everyone all seem to say the same thing. Israel is doing bad things, bombing the crap out of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. One complaint is that the Palestinian residents, along with the “political” organization of Hamas can’t go anywhere. They’re being attacked, and apparently nobody knows why. It’s a total mystery!

Another complaint is that the so-called humanitarian “crisis” is getting horribly worse each day. Now we have reports of children being blown to smithereens, along with the death toll in adults, with a rising body count. It seems the peaceful people of the Gaza Strip, under the benevolent leadership of Hamas were somehow attacked out of the blue!

In other news, children in so many schools are taught how to outline their history books. They aren’t required to actually talk about or understand anything in those books. All that’s necessary is that they demonstrate they’ve pretended to read the pages, shortening the topics, subheadings, and content into pathetic examples of outlines. Nobody knows why a war is a bad thing. All they know is that a bunch of wars happened…some time ago…who knows when…what-EVER…and something. It’s a mystery.

Sadly, we have volumes of written content and historical evidence that this happens about every 80 years or so. A whole generation is involved directly with a brutal war. People are scarred for life, maimed, killed, families are destroyed, and whole areas of geography are wiped out. The war lasts for many years, after which NOBODY wants to be in another war!

That generation comes home to rebuild. They lay down their weapons, and want only some peace and quiet. In older times, the losers would be wiped out or converted to slaves. In modern times, the winners try to help the losers rebuild for the good of humanity. These people live, marry, and have children.

The children of the warriors live with the problems, privation, difficulties, and shortages resulting from the recent war. They see the shattered results, feeling the haunted memories of their parents. But those children grow up, marry and have children. Now we’re three generations into a seculum.

Third-generation children live in a boom time. Life is wonderful. All the rebuilding has led to new inventions, technology, and amazing changes. War is a memory, but mostly told by “grandpa” or perhaps “grandma,” during holiday visits. They sorta-kinda know that war isn’t a good thing, but they grow up, marry and have children.

It’s in the fourth generation, 80 years past the great war, that war once again becomes a romantic adventure. It’s viewed intellectually as an application of sociology. Nobody has a living memory of the ripped apart bodies, missing pieces, blown-apart heads, smashed eyeballs, and entrails splayed across the roads. They don’t remember the stench of rotting corpses or the disease running rampant in blasted shells of exploded cities. Nope, none of that matters really, it’s just “a war” kinda thingie.

This fourth generation, parented by third-generation older people is where we stand today. War technology has advanced to a point where we don’t actually use human beings at the start. Instead, we use drones and long-range explosives to soften up the opposing terrain. That being said, there ALWAYS comes a point where human beings have to enter into the conflict. That’s when troops cross borders. It’s an invasion!

The reason we have invasions is simple: to do as much damage, kill as many people, and destroy as many resources as possible in the opposing territory.

Sound like fun? Sound romantic? Is it exciting? Should we just turn a war on and turn it off again, depending on who’s winning the local football series?

Hamas is a terrorist organization. They’re violent. They want to really kill people. For no particular reason at all, they decided to launch rockets into Israel. Those rockets aren’t funny little July 4th fireworks. They’re explosive devices built explicitly to kill people and blow up things. They were told to stop. They didn’t. They were told to stop again. They didn’t.

Israel said that if Hamas didn’t stop with the rockets, Israel was going to blow the crap out of them. Hamas took it under advisement, choosing instead to continue with the rockets. And so, Israel stepped up to the plate, launched an attack, followed it up with an invasion, and demonstrated that they “aren’t kidding.”

The ONLY remaining question is whether Israel’s armies will march to the sea, wiping off the face of the earth the entire Hamas organization. My guess? Probably not. The world is so gosh-darned upset about all this. Why can’t they just all get along? It’s not like it’s a “real” war, after all. We all “know” that real wars have submarines, tough-looking actors, and generally take place in Hollywood.

No, this is just a very bad situation. People aren’t able to go shopping. It’s not safe to park their cars. Children can’t get to school, and if they do, they might be harmed. We should talk…! There’s always a peaceful reconciliation, right?

Tell that to the woman whose husband has been beating her up for years. Does she leave? Nope. Does she get killed? Yup, many times. Does she kill the husband? Mm-hmm, that too a lot of the times. And yet, her family, so-called friends, and society don’t seem to think she should just sit there and take it.

There actually is a mystery taking place. It’s the mystery of how it’s conceivably possible for over-educated intellectuals to pretend that Israel is being a mean country. It’s the mystery of how a “time out” concept has the slightest bearing on any form of reality. The possible explanation is that no harm or pain should ever, ever, ever befall a human being, no matter what, under any circumstances. Why? That too, is a total mystery!


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