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December 22, 2008

Rebuttal: Santa is Really a Conservative

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I’d written a piece that in my mind demonstrates Santa Clause as being a liberal. I was curious as to why liberals were so upset with the whole program, when Santa is clearly the poster-person for the liberal cause. Hah! Then I ran across this fine article on WorldNetDaily, explaining to me the errors in my thinking.

Indeed, Reb Bradley makes a compelling case that Santa actually is a conservative.

“I know, I know – some of you conservatives may already have Santa pegged as a liberal – the only liberal, in fact, that some of you welcome into your home.

But hear me out. What do we really know of him?

Santa “knows when you are sleeping and knows when you’re awake.” Yes, sounds a little like liberal “Big Brother,” but what is he actually doing? Like any constructive authority, Santa is evaluating our performance – to determine if we should receive compensation. He is making a list and checking it twice, assessing if we have been naughty or nice – if nice, we will be rewarded with a present – if naughty, we get nothin’.”

Read entire article…


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