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December 19, 2008

What Answers do the Talk-Show Hosts Have?

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When the hypocrisy, corruption, failure of ideas, and complete lack of reasoning reaches a winning level in an argument, one of the favorite liberal tactics is to try and reverse the argument. “So what answers do YOU have?” they ask. “All you do is complain, point fingers, cast blame, and make judgments. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem,” they yammer.

Okay, but how about if you try to be part of the solution and you’re sidelined? How about when a blatantly ignorant Fourth Estate “neglects” to report beneficial news? What happens when liberal court decisions prevent ANY kind of disagreement with wrong-headed actions?


The fact of the matter is that conservative principles, values, analysis, reasoning, logic, and planning are the answers. Given the level of stupidity in the general public these days, with the consequent election of a full-bore liberal government, what can conservatives do?


All anyone with a mind can do anymore, for the moment is to complain and point out what’s coming down the road. Bound and shackled, buried in sand up to our necks, what exactly can we do other than complain? With the Fairness Doctrine up for discussion, and the strong possibility of it being passed into law, we’ll be gagged as well.

So when the liberals sanctimoniously snicker and giggle, asking “What’s your solution?” the answer is conservatism.

There’s been an amazing movement over the past half-century toward empiricism. This is a philosophy based on physical perception being more accurate than reasoned analysis. It’s best summed up by the Missouri motto, “the show me state.” It’s encapsulated by the simple-minded slogan, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Empiricism has been growing through it’s stepchild pragmatism, with nothing to stand in its way. The philosophy rests at ground zero of that famous bit of inanity, “everybody is entitled to their own opinion.” That’s a true statement, but the underlying implication is that everyone’s opinion is equally valid.

With no such thing as true or false, right or wrong, and with everyone’s personal opinion being the final arbiter of all of reality, we’re left with pure empiricism. Nobody can know what will happen until it happens. Nobody can prove anything is right or wrong. Nobody can predict a damn thing. Nothing is better or worse than anything else.

All judgment is wrong, all thought is useless, and only feelings and perception are valid forms of comprehension. As such, whatever the nation feels is best, that’s what actually is the best. Who’s to say it isn’t, until something proves by demonstration that it’s not for the best.

Conservative values have yet to be introduced into the national government. Republican values were perhaps wandering into a vaguely nearby orbit 60 years ago, but have since wandered right out of proximity again. And yet, those conservative values are so fearsome, dangerous, and antagonistic to the liberal philosophy, the slightest hint of their existence leads to near riots.

The answers liberals believe don’t exist, do in fact exist. They’re the edifice of principles and comprehension of reality known as conservatism. So when you hear some intellectually bankrupt liberal sneeze out this vapid mindlessness, the answer is simple.

“What answers do all you talk-show hosts have? What answers do you conservatives have?”

The answer is, “conservatism itself.”


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