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December 18, 2008

We Don’t Support Either the Mission or the Groups

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As we all know, the Al Gore commission back in 2000 had intelligence that indicated Americans were under attack by conservative weapons of mass conviction. Accepting that information as true, the Democratic party launched an invasion into the homes of the American citizens, claiming it was a war of freedom. Since then, conservative insurgents have fought unceasingly to defend their homes, mortgages, paychecks, and families.

For 8 years, this immoral, unwarranted and failed war has continued, forced upon us by the various factions and special forces groups in Washington. These special-interest groups have persisted in their coalitions to occupy the American homes, despite the evident and obvious desire on the part of those citizens to run their own lives and own their own homes.

This unilateral application of force must not continue! Otherwise, nations around the world will continue to view American liberals as unilateral imperialists, ignoring the civil freedoms of ordinary people. And yet, Washington militant leaders continue in this false and expensive war, justified through baseless premises, Supreme Court injunctions, and overwhelming tax burdens.

We cannot and must not continue to support the mission. Nor can we support the groups. The evidence of partisan insurgents proves that American liberals are not wanted in their country. Yet the continuing militant presence of this invading force under the guise of “change,” or “making life better” for the common people serves only to keep the war going.

The United Nations must be brought in as a peace-keeping force to take control of the situation. American liberal forces must be withdrawn and the failure of the original intelligence systems investigated. Only when the partisan insurgents see an honest, truthful politician will they be willing to come to the negotiating table. Even then, one must consider the meaning of negotiation as a term unto itself.

American conservative freedom fighters should be supported by freedom-loving people around the world. The liberal hegemony and policy of imperialism must not be allowed to continue. Call your senator and congressman and let them know that you do not support the mission, you do not support the groups, and you demand an immediate withdrawal of liberal troops from the United States of America!


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