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December 14, 2008

Traditions Require Commitment and Effort

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Here it is Christmas time again, and once again we’re having all the arguments over whether or not to allow references to religion, or whether some or another group will be offended by symbols and icons. Of the many symptoms of a ruined society, collapsing culture, and astoundingly stupid generation, the Baby Boomers have managed to trash just about anything of value created over the past century.

This past Thanksgiving, a news story reported a woman out in California who petitioned her local school board to stop the grade-school Thanksgiving play. I think it involved 2nd graders, so the kids would be about 8 years old. This woman decided that having children dress up as Injuns was racist, bigoted, and some other such inanity. The school board, wanting to avoid lawsuits and other aggravation, caved in and terminated the play.

Halloween used to be a fabulous time for kids. It was a time to dress in costumes, go to parties, then go out and canvas the neighborhood for treats. If someone didn’t have candies and treats, we’d “Tee Pee” their house. That was a marvelous process of using 10,000 rolls of toilet paper (TP) thrown through tree branches, across gutters, and everywhere else. The next morning the house looked like a nightmare bride in a surreal wedding ceremony.

And what about the national pastime of blowing off fingers and blinding young people with firecrackers during the 4th of July? Remember? Back when toys could kill you, and parents didn’t think twice about having kids fly through windshields in flammable pajamas during car accidents. Ah…the good old days.

Countless Christmas carols sing about traditions. Going home for the holidays, mistletoe, holly, presents under the tree, holiday turkey, and family gatherings. All the traditions that form life-long memories, and they’re all being trashed and removed, eliminated and shut down by the Baby Boomer generation who brought you the most ignorant generation in nearly a hundred years.

This is the generation that said commitment was for the dopes of the older generation. No point in keeping one’s word, committing to anyone, or honoring anything…particularly values. In fact, nothing was valuable after the deconstructionists and nihilists got through with it. Given the subsequent outcome-based educational system, nobody can even spell commitment anymore.

Traditions take commitment, values, discipline, and above all, a sense of obligation to the next generation. To support and maintain a tradition means taking time to work, to follow the details of the tradition. It means setting aside the stunningly narcissistic self-importance of ego to actually teach little children that tradition. And in fact, we ARE continuing a new set of traditions, each passing year.

We’re forming the life-long memories in our kids that work is far more important than family. We’re teaching them that nobody should have fun on Christmas, it should be an orgy of greed, spending, debt, and instant gratification. We’re building a tradition of stress, anxiety, bigotry, intolerance, and anger. There’s the wonderful new Christmas tradition of burning churches, beating people senseless, and of course, my personal favorite…lawsuits.

How about that thing with the lighting competitions, and putting up blinding displays of Christmas lights? For what purpose? To guide interstellar travelers here as a beacon? And let’s not forget that sentimental value of the Gift Card. Nothing says, “I care about you” like a plastic debit card in a generic envelope.

The Baby Boomers had the good fortune of growing up with parents who cared about traditions and families. Our parents took the time to tell the stories of particular Christmas ornaments, decorations, and foods. They took the time to bake cookies, teaching us how to play with flour and candy sprinkles. They showed us the books, and read the stories, teaching us about long-ago family Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween celebrations.

Do you think those parents didn’t feel tired, worn out, stressed, and annoyed? But they had a deep sense of continuity. They understood that without teaching the children, a society collapses. No matter how tired, irritated, stressed, and upset, those parents assembled toys, wrapped gifts, cooked meals, and invited friends over for parties.

Ah, but those oh-so-clever Baby Boomers would have none of that! “Up the Revolution” was the rallying cry of the 60s. Tear it all down, laugh at everything uptight about those old, stupid parents, and above all, be “far too cool” to participate in stupid traditions. “Tune in, Turn on, and Drop out” was the name of the game. Do the drugs, protest traditions, and laugh away those conservative values.

But build something, create a single damn thing? Not a chance! It was all “oh too stupid,” said the entire generation.

So here we are. More and more little kids have no idea about the basis of anything at all. They see holidays as a chance to stay home from school, nothing else. July 4th is a shopping day with fireworks. Christmas is a time to set forth a list of demands, to be met by the Executive Committee of the parental “unit.”

Everyone is so busy “doing their own thing, man” that nobody gives a crap about the little kids. People listen to Christmas carols as elevator music, preferring the satirical songs that poke fun of the originals. And yet, none of those intellectually elite brain stems has much to show in terms of creating new songs, new foods, new recipes, or anything at all. It’s a never-ending, generation-long “gimme, gimme, gimme” of instant gratification.

Anybody got the time to read stories to the kids? Or is it simpler and less aggravating to plop them down in front of the TV? We’re not even going to approach the underlying concept of why the holidays were even created. That would strain the brains of most Baby Boomer adults anymore, and this is the holidays, after all.

Let’s hear it for the Boomers! What a wonderful generation, so filled with pseudo-idealism, goodness, and failed intentions. Let’s make sure to keep the journal so that historians can look back at one of the most self-centered, egotistical, arrogant groups of narcissists in recorded history.

Oh yeah, and if you think about it, maybe you’ll want to take a look at the sparkling eyes of the toddlers who still believe in hope, joy, and plain old fun. Maybe take a digital picture, because it won’t be there long. Just long enough for them to reach 6 years old and learn about cynicism, sarcasm, satire, iPods, and TV games. Yeah, there’s some tradition for ya!


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