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December 14, 2008

A Czar or a Secretary

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing the repeated use of the term “czar” applied to new appointees in the Obama administration. We’ll have an energy czar, someone who controls not only energy but also the climate. We’ll have a bailout czar, a happiness czar, and drug czar, and information czar, and the list goes on and on forever.

What’s interesting is that the concept and term “czar” is Russian, from the nation who first proposed running a government and society on the principles of communism. The word itself derives from the term “Caesar,” which was a Roman term for the emperor or supreme monarch. It can be spelled “tsar” or “czar,” either way.

How come we don’t just develop a new cabinet post in the central administration? We have a Secretary of This and Secretary of That, with each secretary of the cabinet being the second-to-last final authority over a field of management. Why isn’t that good enough for the liberals in Washington?

The basic difference between a czar and a cabinet secretary is the degree of control, and the underlying set of assumptions. A cabinet secretary is a civil servant. That means someone who “manages” at the request of, and under the control of the citizens. A czar, on the other hand, is someone who “rules” (not manages), and has total authority, reporting to nobody.

Many people have pointed out that the United States is entering into a totalitarian framework, mostly because the citizens of the nation have voted in favor of turning over control to the government. Few people seem concerned, thinking or believing that the term “czar” is a metaphor. It’s bandied about by the news media as a shorthand term designed to mean a central “go-to” person with decision-making powers.

Nobody seems to believe that these combined czars will actually have total authority, total power, and be accountable to nobody. I wonder if the Secretary of the Department of Energy will “report to” or be the executive controller of the new Energy Czar?

At what point will the American public wake up to realize that we live in The Kingdom of America? How little effort would it take to sign an executive order making President Obama into Barack Obama, Emperor and Supreme Ruler of North America? How many people will fall into an orgasmic frenzy upon attending the coronation? And most importantly, will anyone be trampled to death?


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