Punchinello’s Chronicles

November 21, 2008

The Myth of America’s Diminishing Influence

Now that George Bush is about to leave office, it will be much more difficult for people to blame everything on the man. But none of that really was at the foundation of all the “Bush bashing” in the first place. What really was going on was a desire on the part of the socialists to bring down America as a nation.

A number of stories and so-called studies are showing up lately, telling us that we can expect American international influence to diminish more and more in the future. Soon, people on the streets will begin to discuss the idea, shaking their heads, wondering at how sad it all is. They’ll buy into the idea that yes, indeed America will “have to” face the “facts” that there is a global community.

People like this will wring their hands, shake their heads, put on serious and important expressions, look wise and concerned. They’ll tell us they saw it coming, or they’ll discuss with family how it’s a shame but that’s just the way things are. You can’t be “proud” and “arrogant” forever, and everything catches up with “winners.”

All of this is utter nonsense! It’s total hogwash, and the only people who even remotely are hearing the premise as “news” are the ignorant mopes who’ve been trying to bring down America for 50 years. To them, this is all new, it’s all a shock, it’s all a surprise, it’s all “modern.”

The fact!…is that America is the most powerful nation on the planet for a variety of reasons, none of which have anything in the slightest to do with arrogance. America is the only country that spends any money at all on a serious military. America is the only country with a national history and culture of capitalism.

America is the only nation that was created with individual liberty as a foundation, enforced by a legal system centered around the citizenry. No other nation in history has tried the Great American Experiment. And it works! It’s being dismantled at the moment, but only up to a point.

But what catches my attention is this sense of astonishment, shock, sadness, and acceptance by the useful idiots who voted into power not only Obama, but also the liberal congress.

Nobody — not one, single person — with a conservative understanding of reality is surprised. Academics, parrot philosophers, and ideologically vapid politicians have been trying to marginalize America from the Roosevelt administration until now. The 1960s hippie and antiwar advocates’ “revolution” was founded on a conversion to communism.

Economists and accountants have waved their magic wands and told us that a consumer-driven debt economy is “the same as” capitalism. The collapse of that fiasco, they’re trying to tell us, is “proof” that capitalism doesn’t work.

Even more utter nonsense, but with a twist of serious danger and catastrophic consequences.

If the Senate reaches a majority of 60 liberal members, thereby overriding the fillibuster hope-of-last-resort, it isn’t clear whether or not America will survive. I think we will, but it will be very difficult. However; that hasn’t got anything at all to do with, in any way whatsoever, the “diminishing” influence that “somehow” just will happen!

No, the reduction in America’s power, authority, and capability to bring true freedom to people in every other nation on the planet will have been done on purpose. The reduction of influence will have been willfully constructed, with the full and deliberate intention of tearing down this country.

That deliberate plan to undermine America has taken decades, through withholding education, promoting ignorance, and with political manipulation. The “forces within” our governments, schools, social institutions, religious organizations, and judiciary system have been working slowly, steadily, and relentlessly. And now we’ll see the fruits of their labors.

We did this to ourselves. We allowed all this. We shrugged, ignored, turned away, and used such utterly vacuous platitudes as, “we’ll muddle through it.” We told ourselves that “we’ll just wait and see,” or that “somehow it’ll work out in the end.” We walked away from social awareness, political education, and personal responsibility. The result is the rot that’s eaten away the core values, underlying foundation, and bedrock knowledge of freedom.

Only those who voted for this, voting for Mr. Obama and company, will believe that America’s influence is diminishing. And that belief is based on almost complete ignorance, handed down through generations. Every conservative has seen this coming, tried to prevent it, failed, and still holds a hope that it may be repaired. Not one conservative is surprised or will be surprised when reality begins to manifest.

America leads the world. As we go, so goes the world. Nearly every other nation on earth has chosen to base its currency on the dollar. They’ve hoped for protection by American military troops and technology. They’ve staked their economic lives on American consumers and our credit cards. As all that begins to pull out of the global markets, those nations will also face a new reality.


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