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November 11, 2008

Cooking for One

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Do you know how to cook? Too bad if you don’t, because with the way food prices are these days, and their likely continuing upward in the future, you’re going to have some trouble.

The problem with cooking, particularly over the past many years, has been that so much of the food we find in grocery stores and supermarkets have a family in mind. To supposedly save money, many super-stores offer “family” packs, wholesale lots, and huge portions. The old corner grocer has vanished, to be replaced by “stop and shop” gas stations, selling candy and junk.

In between, you’ll find the all-night mini-markets, where you can at least pick up a can of soup, some bread, and if you’re lucky, some deli meats. They sell milk, a few basics, and you can make a meal out of canned blandness if you have nothing in the house.

But what about the growing number of people who live alone, or they’re older and only the two of them are together? What if you don’t have kids? How about senior citizens on fixed incomes, or divorced adults, or people on food stamps? Why is it so hard to find a package of only two porkchops, or maybe one chicken breast? Costs and accounting.

The bottom line is that if you know how to cook, the next step is to have a working freezer that actually keeps food frozen. With some plastic bags and containers, you can eat like royalty on a very low food budget! You still can feed yourself or two of you for about $2-3 per meal or serving, and that’s for a nice dinner. But only if you know how to cook.

I like to cook, and thought I’d put this category together to help with ideas. This isn’t really about recipes, nor is it about cooking. It’s more a place to offer some thoughts about how to reduce “bulk” cooking and food purchases to a size for single people or older couples.


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