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November 8, 2008

Paula Poundstone’s Cats

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Paula Poundstone is one of my favorite comediennes. Not only does she have some great stand-up pieces, but she’s terrific when it comes to improvisation. I do tend to prefer her older stuff, though, and one of those bits has to do with her cats.

It seems she likes cats, and has a number of them. They’re very protective of her, and whenever she takes a shower they get very upset, wondering at how she can survive all that water! Seems the cats don’t much care for water, either. They think she’s either very brave, or being horribly punished.

What comes to mind, watching the latest democratic voting, which is the same voting pattern we’ve seen for probably 100 years, is Paula Poundstone’s cats. She was trying to figure out a way to keep them from climbing the screen doors and drapes, so she put the dislike of water together with a squirt gun.

Whenever the cats start running around and climbing things, she squirts them with the water.

They feel the water, freak out, then…they run to her for protection!

Okay, pretty funny when you think of the cats, right? And yet, over and over again, year after year, time after time, especially when there’s a Democrat majority in the administration, what happens? They raise taxes, cut programs, expand government, add new laws, cause more trouble and make more difficulties. They squirt water on people, trying to keep everyone poor, miserable, and equal.

And what happens?

The voters run to the Democrats for protection, to solve the problems, to fix everything!


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