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November 8, 2008

Government Must Fix Everything Immediately!

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Three days after the 2008 election results, President-elect Barack Obama held a press conference in which he let us know his first priorities. The immediate thing is to get the economy fixed, get more jobs for the now 10-million unemployed folks in the country, and help bail out the “middle class.”

It’s no surprise that 65-million people voted for Mr. Obama, given that modern education has prepared the groundwork. The single common thread moving through almost all philosophies and theologies of the past 300 years has been human arrogance. There’s a major difference between a religion and a theology, and this arrogance applies to the theologies.

Religions are founded on a relationship between humanity and some sort of spiritual supreme being or consciousness. That relationship usually places humanity lower than such a being, and leaves unexplained facts of reality to the control of that same being. A theology is more often the analysis and explanation of how the religion works, and the definition of humanity’s role in the relationship with the supreme being.

More and more, philosophy and theology have moved toward a framework in which the human being is in total control of everything in reality. Books such as “The Secret” tell us that our individual wishes and dreams, focus and attention are what create reality itself. Never do we learn how conflicts of interest are resolved, where one person wants very much to steal everything another person owns. Who wins?

We grow up in a culture where everything about Nature (reality) is under the control and management of human beings. If something is currently unexplained, it’s that we and our scientists haven’t yet uncovered the mathematical and scientific principles that are the causes. Otherwise, it’s a complete mystery, founded on the pleasure or anger of Mother Earth and “the vibes, dude.”

When all this began, it grew from unstated common sense premises and social agreements. One of those premises was a basic sense of humility, that human beings were a tiny part of an overall magnificent universe. We, like children, were trying to discover the world around us and how we fit into that world; how it works and a harmonic way to co-exist within that world.

Dr. Benjamin Spock, first emerging on the scene in 1946 after WW II, introduced a major change in how parents were supposed to raise children. Tracing back to those books and theories, much of western culture began to enter into the Age of Narcissism. We were ready for it, what with socialism versus capitalism being a major debate at the time, and the creation of the Soviet Union.

Progressive education led to the theories of “deconstructionism,” which led to a disconnection between words and their meaning. More and more, people began to “feel” that humanity was the central focus of everything. According to developing culture, the world, metaphorically, revolves around each individual human being. Or so the feeling goes.

This egocentric grandiosity has progressed unchecked for more than half a century. The Baby Boom generation, raised without any major conflicts or difficulties, grew to believe that life is a utopian paradise of love and flowers. Any “bad vibes” became hate speech, anger, and aggression. Political correctness grew out of these bad feelings, with delusional idealists believing they could simply outlaw anger and disagreement.

The net result has been a belief that one person, The President, can fundamentally control all of reality. Not only The President, but in particular the President of the United States. Some mysterious force permeating this one person is the controlling factor in world events. If The President acts one way, the entire human civilization becomes peaceful and loving. Acting another way causes all of existence to “attack” the United States.

Looking at it from a wide perspective, the attitude is the same as that of a toddler. The belief system is that all of existence revolves around the child, naturally enough, as everyone and everything around that child is indeed geared toward their survival and protection. The pathology becomes irrational when adults carry this same belief.

The 2008 election demonstrates that more than half the population of the United States fundamentally believes that single individuals can control all of existence and reality. President Bush singlehandedly caused hurricane Katrina, the destruction of New Orleans, the entire national economy, international hatred, the various wars around the world, flooding, droughts, blizzards, disease, pestilence, and even the lightning!

Like the gods themselves, the President takes possession of a magical “hammer” of power, wielding it for good or evil, based on political affiliation. Simply by uttering a command, the President can create or destroy the economy. By speaking loudly, the President can call down havoc and destruction, or lift up poor and downtrodden peoples of Third World countries.


Now, with the transfer of Thor’s hammer of power and magical belt, a new President takes the place of God. In order to do so, 300 years of philosophy had to prepare the way by removing any sort of higher, supreme and spiritual God. This was mostly accomplished in the 1970s, with the ongoing “secular movement” and perverse “humanism” cleaning up the last bits and pieces.

Barack Obama, descended into physical form as Zeus (or something) will now “fix” everything that the “evil God” Mr. Bush unleashed upon the sea of humanity. Storms will end, floods will recede, drought will end, deserts will bloom, energy will flow, wheat and corn will be plentiful, and there will be pot for every chicken.

Within moments, all of the economy will be fixed. Money will flow, jobs will once again spring forth from the earth, and people will love one another. Nuclear weapons will be beaten into something (not plowshares, as that would require real work to plow the fields), and all countries will share in paradise.

Regressing to a primitive society, more than half the country now believes in magic, temper tantrums, screaming and screeching for someone else to feed them, comfort them, and make The Bad Things go away. Dancing around the fires and burning rubble of what’s left of rational thought and reason, “the mob” demands that a chieftain intercede with Nature. I wonder what will happen when this leader can’t fix a damn thing!

It all depends on whether or not you believe that 1 person can create all of reality. Or not.


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