Punchinello’s Chronicles

November 6, 2008

The End of the Nose-Holding Era

I think the modern Republican party is about to experience the natural consequences of failed customer service, failed product development, failed market research, and failed ideological values. The Repubican party is about to be finally abandonned by whatever number turns out to be the conservative population.

For nearly 20 years, I (like many, if not most conservatives) have voted Republican. Why? Because the stakes were growing higher and higher. The dangers of not voting were more and more clear. If the Democrats won, the United States would face a constitutional crisis.

All that has now happened. One of the main reasons it happened is that the Republican party, leadership, and strategic planners have utterly, irrevocably, and totally failed to comprehend the meaning of conservatism.

We now have the worst-case scenario in place. All the reasons conservatives have had to hold their noses, ignore the stink, and vote for the Republican ticket have gone away. It’s done, finished. We don’t need to worry about what “would” happen to the country, we now can watch what “will” happen.

The result, at least in my case, is a great burden lifted off my shoulders. It’s like a government bailout. I don’t have to waste my time developing complex rationalizations to study the next Republican candidates. I don’t have to waste time and effort, energy and concern over anything that happens, ever again to the Republican party.

I can now focus entirely on the specific conservative candidates who may choose to run for office in the coming years. With the kind of assault tactics used by the DNC against these conservatives, I wouldn’t be surprised, and certainly would be sympathetic if nobody on the conservative side runs at all.

The Republicans aren’t “going to” implode,” they collapsed years and years ago. The party has been an empty bag of rotting straw, held up by nothing at all. Even so, the alternative has always been worse. The alternative has always been fearful. The alternative has always been a fundamental shift away from original American values.

And now we have that alternative. The number of Republicans celebrating this “new era” in American history is disgusting, contemptible, and reprehensible. The number of Republicans who want “progressive” bipartisan compromise is beyond tragic. But it finally resolves a generation-long problem.

Conservatives now are released from an obligation. We no longer have to vote for people who don’t represent our values, don’t represent our concepts, don’t represent anything whatsoever having to do with a conservative view of America. We’re free to be just that: free agents.

We may find out that only a few million conservatives actually exist in the country, a mere handful. We may find out there are many more. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we can now take the time, focus our energies, and apply the work of building some sort of organization that actually is representative.

Will such an organization have a voice in the “new” America? Who knows. We may find elections cancelled, or new election laws that eliminate any dissent. The campaign-finance “laws” were supposed to solve the problem of only billionaires being able to buy a political office.

Granted, these laws only apply to campaigns that accept federal funds. Mr. Obama chose to go with private funds. Even so, the amount of money involved is astronomical, and clearly separates the idea that any citizen can become President, from the realities of how much it would cost.

The costs of the overall campaign, as far as we know, were over $1.5-billion. That’s more than any expenditure in history, and all done under the “limits” in campaign spending. So too, it would make sense (given that any disagreement is now called hate speech) for new laws to eliminate any political party other than the “traditional” parties.

We’ll see. But for now, it’s helpful to get some closure. It’s helpful to know that nothing about the Republican party is representative of conservative values anymore. That’s a good thing!


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