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November 5, 2008

Mr. Obama Meets the Family

Filed under: View from the Bottom — Punchinello @ 1:19 pm

I’ve been trying to put my finger on why it seems so familiar to me, the euphoric passion we saw all over Grant Park last night following Mr. Obama’s election. Then it dawned on me: I’ve seen it over and over again whenever someone in love brings their intended fiance home to meet the family. Not in all cases, certainly, but those stories that end up with an abusive marriage.

Watching Oprah Winfrey, I saw exactly the same story as takes place time after time. A young girl in love, brings home her “guy” to meet the family. Parents and grandparents, and often many others in the family see the warning signals. They try to suggest that Mr. Right isn’t all that right, but they’re ignored.

Going further, it’s not only the young woman (or young man, in the reverse) whose life will change. It’s the whole family’s life. By marrying Mr. Right, bringing him (or her) into the family, everyone will have to deal with the results to a greater or lesser degree.

Most of us know that logic goes out the window in the face of “luhvvv.” Love puts blinders on romantics, helping them to rationalize away all the faults, all the inconsistencies, and all the potential problems. Those problems are usually things that will cause pain and heartache to the starry-eyed romantic.

But above all, it’s the disillusionment and disappointment that’s the hardest to handle. The marriage goes forward, life changes. There may be a honeymoon period, with the real problems emerging only later, as time goes by. Or, there’s no honeymoon and immediately after the wedding, things change.

One thing we can say for sure: marrying the wrong person will certainly bring about “change.”


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