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November 5, 2008

Congressional and State Elections Tell the Story

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The President controls everything! Right?

No, unfortunately for so many people living blissful fantasies, the President has only a limited amount of power to change much of anything. Far more important are the House and Sentate, not only in the federal government but in the local, state governments. Governors have more direct impact than Presidents, in everday life.

Watching what happened around the country following the 2008 elections, we can see that the overall “mood” of the country is wishful thinking based on ignorance. Illinois has a typical career path, when it comes to governors. They campaign, get elected, work in office, then retire to prison. Gov. Blagojevich (bluh-goy’uh-vitch) is in question, and may be indicted, but in 2006 he was returned with a solid marjority to a second term.

We’ve seen re-elected Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, and all the “gang.” Michigan, despite their own, personal economic depression continues to vote Democratic.

America apparently has no real idea of how Congress affects everyday life. We don’t hear the statistics, and we can’t know the minds of the voters, but I’d be intereseted to hear how many people voted only for President? Did they scan or glance at the rest of the ballot, have no idea who any of those people were, and vote a straight party ticket? Or did they just leave everything else blank?

Pundits and bloggers, here included, are looking at what may or may not happen with an Obama presidency. But not so many are examining the underlying sweep toward the Democratic party. That party has certainly moved into liberalism over the past half century. The Republican party, other than a short affair with conservatism in the middle ’90s, has done nothing.

While Republicans have hidden their heads in the sand, voting for “politics as usual,” the Democratic party has drummed home the message of socialism, redistribution, protectionism and isolationism. With the support of mainstream journalism, and the more critical support of academics, we now see the results.

In the early 20th century, the common path for a child was to grow up, leave home, get a job and start a family. The goal and American dream was to buy a home, own a car, have a job, work until retirement, invest in a portfolio, then live in green pastures. Children were taken care of, but educated both formally and socially in how to be responsible and care for themselves as adults.

Starting in the 1960s, the entire concept of child-care began to change. Nobody taught children how to live in reality, other than a small minority of actual teachers and parents. The growing “home schooling” movement hasn’t been in the news much, but it’s a reaction to the modern educational system.

More and more children are being cared for at home, growing older and moving out of the home, and being cared for throughout adulthood. Senior citizens want their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and tax breaks. Everyone seems to believe that being taken care of is the “way to go.”

With little experience in personal responsibility, no training, and a society that reinforces the benefits of entitlements, why not have a government that takes care of everything?

This election was a majority referendum on entitlements, being taken care of by a centralized government, and a romantic dream of a world based on peace and love. It’s the “hippie” fantasy brought to life in the real world of America, circa 2008.

Nobody should or can own the Earth, therefore nobody has property rights. Nobody should control resources, therefore everyone should “share” everything. Trees think, plants “teach us things,” animals are “wise,” and “Mother Earth” cares for “her” children. Music, poetry, art and (most importantly) “love” are the solutions to everything. “Love is all you need” has finally become the national political philosophy.

Can anyone say…manipulation?


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