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November 1, 2008

Peace & Prosperity of the Clinton Years

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I think I’m finally starting to see where all this excitement for Obama is coming from. It’s the cultural memory of the Bill Clinton years, and the presumed peace and prosperity of those times. After Clinton came George Bush, and everything went down the crapper, from what we hear.

The real question is whether or not the 8 years during which Bill Clinton was president really were what we’re being told they were. Because there’s no doubt that many (if not most) of those wanting to elect Barack Obama see a return to those golden years in their addled brains.

I don’t need to get into all the arguments anymore, they’ve all been made. Nor do we need to rehash history anymore, nobody cares. I will mention in passing that it was Bill Clinton who signed into law the process culminating in the collapse of the mortgage industry, but that’s just another fact that nobody believes is a fact or cares about.

All that matters to me is to understand how so many people can almost out of nowhere go charging after a political unknown. Looking at it from the perspective of a return to Bill Clinton, many things begin to make sense. I clearly remember the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding Mr. Clinton. I remember the even greater excitement when we ran for a second term.

Nobody cared that Clinton was also a political unknown. Nobody cared about the behind-the-scenes scandals. Nobody cared about the vague rumors of corruption and going after perceived “enemies” of the administration. All anyone cared about was that we were about to return to the Camelot of the Kennedy administration.

Even following the Clinton administration, only the tiniest whispers of lost questions bumped up against the gutters, now and then, of the way in which the deficit was allegedly reduced. George Bush had only 1year in office before the World Trade Center attack and our going to war with international terrorism. The resulting broadside to the economy is now considered to be Bush’s personal decision.

All anyone seems to remember, on the democratic side is that Bill Clinton gave us an economic boom, low gas prices, brilliant foreign policies, and a utopian dream of peace and prosperity. Okay, so he chose not to capture Osama Ben Laden, but who knew? How Clinton’s years relate to Ronald Reagan’s policies is a total mystery. Nobody knows. Or cares.

Watching Mr. Clinton with the “prodigal son” Barack, is indeed as some would say his passing the baton. It’s the Democratic party looking forward to a return to the Clinton years. The only issue, really, is whether or not those years were as great as so many people think they were.

Maybe we’ll get a chance to see.

The one major flaw in history is that it’s written by the victors. A great deal of history has been lost, down through the ages, simply because the losers weren’t around to write what was going on from their perspective. The Internet helps, and maybe we’ll get a chance to learn the truth of what happened back during Clinton’s years.

If not, we’ll get a chance to do it all again, only more so, if Obama wins.


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