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October 31, 2008

Fundamentally Transforming America

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Here we are on the eve of the 2008 presidential election, about to cast votes. Are they votes for something, or votes against something? Are they for something, or only for the lesser of some set of evils? Conservatives say they’re voting against a bad option, liberals say they’re excitedly voting for a new day in America.

At a speech in Missouri today, Mr. Obama said that we’re only five days away from “fundamentally transforming America.” I doubt it. The country is far too large for that sort of transformation, especially with the schism and polarities we have at the moment. Nor has America ever had any sort of real repression in all of her history, and there’s no base in the public mind for such a thing.

Instead, I think we’re about to experience the “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” process. Several elections back, when Bill Cinton was running for a second term, Congress had walked away from the “Contract with America,” and things were in bad shape, we had the start of this argument.

What it comes down to, from the conservative side, is that American is going to have to experience liberalism in its true form. Too many people have no idea what it would mean, and we’ve had too many generations of failed education regarding politics, economics, liberty, and history. “The people” need to live through, experience, and feel in their gut the reality of liberalism. That’s the argument.

Standing against that argument is the irreversible consequence rebuttal. The next President will be ushering in a couple of Supreme Court Justices, all of whom are tenured for life. As we’ve already seen, the Supreme Court holds that it has the right to make law, entirely unconstrained by Constitutional process. Nobody elects these judges, yet they have wide- and far-reaching consequences on our society, in terms of their decisions.

In the event conservatives were to walk away from a disgusting and contemptible election, given such close races, liberal Democrats would win. As such, conservatives have sucked it in, held their noses, and voted for the Republican party as the least dangerous of no choices. But this time, it may turn out there simply isn’t enough of a conservative base anymore.

So-called neocons (neo-conservatives) are a fantasy developed by intellectual pundits. There’s no such thing, but that doesn’t prevent the label. It means nothing, yet it sufficiently dilutes the basic conservatie ideology and philosophy. William F. Buckley Jr. recently passed away, with his strong influence as a founder in that conserative movement. Who’s left? Just a very few good men and women.

Few philosophers exist anymore, with the underlying foundation of capitalism, and an argument in favor of strict Constitutional interpretation. One saving grace is that even Democratic economists are shocked at the utter lack of fiscal responsibility in all branches of the government.

Who knows if Obama will win? We likely won’t find out for months, given the almost assured legal challenges that will follow the election. But there doesn’t seem to be any way at all for America to pass beyond this totally deadlocked polar split between two ideologies. Neither side should or can compromise, as it’s a conflicting view of reality itself.

The United States is far too large, with too long a history of freedom to put up with a complete shift into socialism. There are too many people, too used to the freedom to buy whatever they can afford. Our lifestyle is too far beyond the low levels or poverty levels of so much of the rest of the world. But most importantly, the American President no longer has the real power and authority to literally terminate the Constitution.

Instead; we have an ignorant population living with fantasies of a romantic type of human civilization. We have idealists who grew up during the “hippie” years, and children who’ve been taught all their lives by the socialist educators of the Berkeley years. It’s a political truism that to change a society, teach the children. That’s what’s been done.

That population likely can, and this time actually might vote into office a socialist administration. Fifty years ago, it might have actually brought the country to its knees. It might have transformed America into a different nation. Not today. With globalization and the rest of the world washing their hands entirely of socialism and communism, many options exist.

Should the administration attempt to turn this country into a socialist state, almost all the wealth would simply move out. The likelihood that such an administration could take control of the military is close to zero, and without such a military (and police force) no totalitarian government can exist.

Within 5 days, we may for the first time since the American Revolution face the type of environment foreseen by the Founding Fathers when they included the Second Amendment in the Constitution. For more than 200 years, Americans have owned guns. Those guns wouldn’t stand up against a concerted military junta, but that gets back to whether or not the military would go along with it.

On the other hand, enough damage could be done and enough laws could be passed that the everyday common citizen would very definitely feel the results. The wealthy people (The Rich) would leave, going somewhere else in the world to wait this all out. Large corporations would leave, opening up foreign headquarters and shutting down US plants and manufacturing.

Only the Middle Class and the lower-income population would remain. With capital leaving the country, the current economic collapse would continue. We’d likely see Depression-era unemployments, and experience shortages similar to World War II.

What remains as a major question is whether or not a real conservative organization could develop and emerge. Without any leaders, it would take a long time. It’s possible that national elections might even be suspended, in which case for the second time in American history, a popular uprising would be the remaining option.

Will it happen? Perhaps. It would be part of fundamentally transforming America as we’ve known it.

This isn’t about “scare tactics.” Frankly, at my bottom level of the economy I’d just as soon see Obama elected, deal with the consequences, be done with it, and finally get back to some sort of rational country. Little will matter to me personally, and I’m old enough that I’m not just starting out in life. No, this is about an analysis of the sort of society proposed by liberals over the past half a century.

I grew up with the hippies, understanding them for the morons they were and are. I watched the delusional idealism, played many of the stupid songs, and ignored the campus upheavals. I didn’t understand Ronald Reagan’s speeches when he ran for Governor of California, and I was too busy building my own life to care.

I saw the hippies grow older, move into academia, and begin to transform the educational system. I watched my fellow Baby Boomers attempt to outlaw reality, all in the name of “the Children.” I’ve seen political correctness, deconstructionism, bioethics, and debt economics become the norm. During it all, I learned, read, studied, thought, and contemplated.

My agenda is to wipe out liberalism entirely. I doubt anyone can do that. There’s a famous quote that if America were to ever become a totalitarian state it would be because the citizens enthusiastically voted for it. I can’t remember who made that quote, but we sure do have the enthusiasm these days. No, the only way liberalism will die is when the overwhelming majority of romantics are made to face reality.

Taking the long view, and having read “The Fourth Turning,” it seems to me that the best thing that could happen this election is for this scenario to play out. I’d like to enjoy a truly “new” America before heading on out, and it seems to me it’ll take about 20 years for liberalism to rear up, take control, then be stamped out entirely.

The longer we wait, the longer was just postpone the inevitable, I think. Bring on the Canadian healthcare system. Bring on the Finnish tax structure. Let’s install the UK’s welfare system, and put the UN in charge. Let’s talk meaningfully with Iran, and strongly suggest that they put aside their nuclear weapons. Let’s just “try to get along” with everyone for awhile. Then we can pick up the pieces, learn from the disaster, and get back to business. Whomever’s left standing will finally be able to build an even better country.


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