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October 24, 2008

Fair Share

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Ever notice how when something’s free, that’s when everyone complains about getting or taking a fair share? You’re out walking with some friends and stumble upon a grove of raspberry bushes. They’re just right there, ripe for the plucking. As time passes, somone is bound to complain that someone else is taking more than their fair share.

We sure do hear a lot, nowadays, about some kind of fair share! Poor folks around here yammer on about how they’re not getting a fair share. Politicians get lots of voters by talking about how some group isn’t getting its fair share in comparison to rich people.

Then there’s the “giving back to the neighborhood” scam. Anyone who gets more than their fair share should, must, and likely will be forced to “give something back.” What? Nobody knows, except that it involves taking something from someone who has it, usually by force, and giving it to whomever complains the loudest.

On the other hand, when there’s work involved, then people complain that they’re having to do more than their fair share of work.

If you follow the logic, then money must be free! Otherwise, why would so many people be complaining?

Get over it! Life isn’t fair! If you find yourself blabbety-mouthing about “fair share,” then go make something on your own. Build something, start a business, create something, or otherwise quit bellyachin’ about how underfined strangers somehow have to give you something for free!


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